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A supremely precision engineered lightweight slimline case in rose gold with a perforated mesh pattern that looks great, adds grip and aids heat dissipation from your iPhone XS, as well as enhance the high performance beauty of the device.Made from a strong, ultra-slim material for long lasting protectionEach MeshTex case is made from a special strong and durable compositematerial, which is extremely robust considering it is so thin and lightweight -providing you with long lasting protection for your iPhone XS without anything like the bulk most cases add.Looks cool, keeps coolModern smartphones feature incredibly powerful components that can get quite warm when under load - especially when they're surrounded by a protective case. The beauty of MeshTex is that it allows heat to dissipate through the mesh patterned casing, keeping the phone cooler and optimising performance.The material used gives a non-slip coating to the case for extra gripThe special material used in the construction of this case has a non-slip coating that provides you with extra grip for your phone, which minimises the chance of dropping your device - meaning this case is professional enough for work and sporty enough for play. The mesh pattern also increases grip, with thousands of tiny perforations providing the imperceptible increase in suction that could make all the difference between keeping the phone in your hand or dropping it.Slim fitting design adds no extra bulk and fits perfectly in your pocketThe MeshTex case is designed to be ultra-slim, lightweight and strong - so you can be assured that this case will add virtually no extra bulk to your iPhone XSso it will still fit in your pocket with ease.Cut-outs for all the iPhone XS'sfeatures and ports so you'll never need to take the case offEachOlixar MeshTex has been designed specifically for the iPhone XSand features cut-outs for the various ports and features such as the rear facing camera, speakers and buttons.

But because Google's software is an open platform -- meaning anyone can adapt and use it -- other brands, like Samsung, have modified the operating system to fit their needs. That's left users to navigate the multiple iterations of Android running on hardware from Google's many partners. And it's a point that rival Apple, with its closed system around iOS, likes to drive home, calling Android fragmented. "The overriding theme of the I/O keynote was Google reasserting control over Android," Jan Dawson, founder of Jackdaw Research, said at the time. Because watches have limited space on their screens with simpler functions, Android Wear can be one realm where Google makes the software more uniform.

"[We've been] thinking about how you deliver services on a device like this that has such a small screen, that you can't necessarily spend a lot of time interacting with," says Singleton, But another difference that could serve Google well is the way most smartwatches (aside from Samsung's newly announced Gear S watch) need to be paired with a phone to operate, So, Google will push olixar meshtex iphone xs case - rose gold out Android Wear updates without having to wait for carriers to test the software, like they generally do with phones and tablets, That should give Google more control over the software, The company says it is working closely with hardware partners to make sure the software works well with their devices..

Hiroshi Lockheimer, vice president of engineering for Android, says the goal is to be able to improve the software as fast as possible. "It's a lot simpler on watches," says Lockheimer. With phones, lots of companies' schedules have to align to make updates available. "There are different things on that pipeline that just don't exist [with smartwatches]. And it makes it possible for us as an industry to push these updates out a lot quicker."Google has a definite stake in making sure the Android experience is consistent across the board. "It becomes much more important with wearables," said Sameet Sinha, an analyst with the investment bank B. Riley and Co. "They are not individual devices; they need to talk to each other. It's an ecosystem Google wants to develop."But wearables' designs continue to evolve, and they may not be so co-dependent on other devices for long. Time will tell if Samsung's Gear S watch is a harbinger or a rarity -- and whether more watches will come out that have their own separate cellular connections.

Matthew Goldman, CEO of the personal finance app Wallaby, thinks Samsung's new watch sets the trend, "It's clear that you're not going to need your phone," said Goldman, who is unveiling the Android Wear version of his app on Thursday, Wallaby also runs on Google's connected headset device Glass, the Pebble Smartwatch, and Samsung's Gear 2, which is powered by the company's homegrown operating system, Tizen, Google, for its part, is waiting for more devices to take that route before building out support for cellular connections in Android Wear, "We'll see other mechanisms for connecting, other than Bluetooth," says Singleton, "We'll start to enable those as we see partners wanting to build devices using them."The tech titan has "several" updates to the Android Wear OS olixar meshtex iphone xs case - rose gold coming by year's end, with the first due this week, Here's a hint of what to expect..

Android Wear, which debuted in March as a modified form of Google's smartphone and tablet operating system that's been tailored for wearables, is already used on three smartwatches: the Samsung Gear Live, the LG G Watch, and the Moto 360, set to launch later this week. Google, with "thousands" of Android Wear apps, knows that's not enough. Archrival Apple will reportedly show off a wearable device of its own next week at a media event where it's also expected to announce the next version of the iPhone. And at the IFA technology conference in Berlin this week, a handful of companies, including Sony and Samsung, are expected to talk about wearables.

At stake is dominance in the nascent but promising market in wearable devices, In 2013, 9.7 million wearables were shipped, according to CCS Insight, a research firm, By the end of 2014, that figure is projected to jump to 22 million, And by 2018, 250 million wearables will be in use, the research firm estimates, For big tech companies, the appeal is having olixar meshtex iphone xs case - rose gold another route to extend their reach to consumers -- by being able to offer them services with different spins , and by having new methods for gleaning information about users in ways that smartphones and tablets cannot..

CNET met with Director of Engineering for Android Wear David Singleton and Vice President of Engineering for Android Hiroshi Lockheimer to talk about Google's plans for wearables, why their approach to these smart devices is different from their rivals, and what they think of the future of sensor technology. Those plans include updates to Wear that will be distributed through the Android Wear app on your phone. "One of the things we're going to be able to do is add the ability for these devices to start working with some of the other devices you might wear on your body," Singleton said. "We'll have an update coming that allows you to pair a Bluetooth headset with your watch. And that means you can play music stored on your watch directly on your Bluetooth headset."Below is an edited transcript of the conversation.

Q: Before we jump into Android Wear, I want to talk about Google's outlook for Android, At I/O, Android Chief Sundar Pichai certainly laid out an ambitious plan, David Singleton: This year we have a huge focus on being able to meet the user wherever they are, across devices with Android, Obviously, we've got great momentum with phones olixar meshtex iphone xs case - rose gold and tablets, and we've got a great developer ecosystem, There are so many services that work so well with Android phones and tablets, So it's exciting to bring the insights that we've got there and that platform to more form factors..

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