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Crafted from specially tanned and finished European leather for a luxurious look and feel, the iPhone X Leather Folio fits snugly around your iPhone. Open it, and your iPhone X wakes up. Close it, and it goes to sleep. Inside there's a soft microfiber lining for even more protection, and space to hold your bills, small notes, and several cards. And you can keep it on all the time, even when you're charging wirelessly.

Hiroshi Lockheimer: I think the idea is, you look around and there are all these screens everywhere. These screens don't know how to talk to each other. They are islands. So how do we unify them and have a common platform where apps and services and information can flow between these screens and give more utility to your life. Google has Glass, and now Android Wear. What's the company's overall approach to wearables?. Lockheimer: Our approach to wearables is the same as our approach to any of our products: We want to build technology that delights people by improving their lives. So our approach to wearables -- watches, Glass, even our smart contact lens project which is designed to help people with diabetes measure their glucose -- is to build things that you use when you need and forget about when you don't. We want wearables to help you stay in the moment, instead of taking you out of it: giving you a safer way to get directions, easily share or record what you see, communicate with others quickly, or get the information you need when you need it.

What will we see in new updates?, Singleton: One of the things we're going to be able to do is add the ability for these devices to start working with some of the other devices you might wear on your body, So we'll have an update coming that allows you to pair a Bluetooth headset with your watch, And that means you can play music stored on your watch directly on apple - iphone x leather folio - berry case your Bluetooth headset, Alongside that, we're introducing GPS support for the platform, So that's obviously only for devices that have the GPS hardware, But we're excited about those two features together because it unlocks a whole set of new use cases..

If you're someone who likes to go for a run, it might be convenient to be able to leave your phone at home. So you can start recording your track with GPS on the watch. You can throw on some music and have a really enjoyable run. And when you come back home, everything will be synced up with the apps running on your phone. Another update that I'm really excited about because I think it will be great for developers and end users -- a release that will allow third parties to develop watch faces, and make them available for download at the Google Play store.

It's actually kind of interesting because we haven't yet launched the API for apple - iphone x leather folio - berry case that, but we've already seen tremendous innovation from some third parties who have been able to figure out how to do some of this on their own, And we've already seen excitement for building watch faces that allow you to express a bit of your own personal style, or really help you work in specific things you might be doing, For example, if you're taking a hike, maybe it's interesting to out the specific distance you've traveled right there on the watch face, If you're someone who cares about a specific stock or specific score of a sports team, maybe you can have a sports team watch face and put their latest score right there on the watch face..

How soon are those updates coming?. Singleton: There will be several before the end of the year. You'll see one come out [this] week where we'll be able to improve the navigation experience and some of the voice action experience. When Google updates Android on phones, the company first has to wait for wireless carriers to test the software before it can ship. With Wear, since carriers aren't involved, you'll be able to push updates without waiting. Can you talk about taking that different approach?.

Singleton: We really don't think about it particularly differently, We've been working with all of our partners to make sure we apple - iphone x leather folio - berry case can keep bringing functionality through, whether it's through device updates or through Google Play Services, We're using exactly the same mechanisms here, It really is Android, and the Android model, Specifically for wearables, we realized as a category, we're pretty early, So it's really the intention to do those as frequently as we need, One of the things competitors always bring up when they try to knock Android is to say it is fragmented, For wearables, does having a bit more control over updates serve to address that?..

Lockheimer: I think the key point is that it is a new product category. And the needs are different. Phones and tablets are much more mature, from a technology perspective. It's much more understood how people use it. And people's expectations are more firm. Whereas wearables, as David was saying, is a completely new category. We just want to be able to iterate very very quickly. This happened also, by the way, on phones. I've been doing this since 2006 at Google. In the early days of Android, there were many more releases of Android, more often. We still innovate very rapidly on the phone side, but it's not as rapid as in 2008, for instance, or 2009. I think you're going to see the same trend here. We're going to much more rapidly iterate here.

There's fewer players involved too, [Wireless] operators aren't really involved here, We're working with a select number of [hardware partners], In this case, since we do have this infrastructure, the manufacturers decided that, since you guys already did it, we'll just keep using what you've made, That aspect of it is almost an implementation detail, I don't think it's apple - iphone x leather folio - berry case a big policy thing or anything like that, [Updating Android on phones and tablets] is a big pipeline of work, Many companies are involved, And many schedules need to line up and things like that, And it's a lot simpler on watches, Not just on operators, but there are different things on that pipeline that just don't exist, And it really simplifies the whole pipeline and makes it possible for us as an industry to push these updates out a lot quicker..

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