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Meet the Speck Presidio Ultra - the top of the range Speck tough case. An ultra-rugged black case made from four different protective layers for the iPhone X features protection against drops of up to 15 feet. Comes with a removable Ultra Bumper.Four rugged layers of extreme protection for your iPhone XYou might have already seen our standard Speck Presidio range, however, Presidio Ultra takes the protection of your handset to the next level. The case features two layers of a special rubber and two layers of polycarbonate, to shield and protect your device from drops, scratches and shock impacts. The rubberisedImpactium inner lining extends to a bezel, which protects your screen if it falls face downand providesnon-slip stability when you place it face down. Speck has also independently tested the protective aspect of this case to ensure and confirm the quality and excellent functionality of this case. 360-degree port protectionSpeck Presidio Ultra case offers a 360-degree dust and dirt protection for all of your iPhone X's ports. Dust and dirt can easily get into and damage the ports and/or the device itself - Speck Presidio Ultra will prevent that from happening allowing you to prolong the life of your shiny new iPhone X. Enhanced 15 ft drop protectionWe believe that nobody is that tall (yet?),but what if you drop your iPhone down the stairs,overa high wall or out of a first storey window? Speck has gone above and beyond when it comes to protecting your device from high drops of up to15 ft - or over 4.5m.This case has performed perfectly in that regard so you'll have a case designed to look great and keep your iPhone safe and secure where manycases would struggle.Supports Apple (Qi) Wireless ChargingDespite of featuring 4 layers of market leading protection, this case is fully compatible with Apple Qi Wireless Charging technology (wireless charger not included). This case is a great choice for those who seek convenience and protection in their purchases.Designed for the iPhone XThe Speck Presidio ULTRA casehas been designed specifically for the iPhone X, meaning it does not impede the accessto any of the ports orfeatures of the iPhone X.

During a Q&A at Tuesday's BlackBerry Security Summit, blog site N4BB asked BlackBerry President John Sims about the future look of the iOS and Android versions of BlackBerry Messenger, the company's free chatting and voice calling app. Released last October, both versions added more than 40 million registered users to the total BBM population by the time 2013 was over. In responding to N4BB, Sims said he disagreed with previous management who felt that the BBM app should have the same look across all the platforms. The BBM apps for iOS and Android don't exactly look and feel like iOS and Android apps. Instead, they take their design cues more from the native BBM client that runs on BlackBerry 10. That may be vexing and even confusing to users who are accustomed to the way apps are specifically designed for and function on iOS and Android.

So does that mean a visual overhaul is in order for both versions? Apparently so, Sims cited the new BBM app for Windows Phone, pointing out that it's designed for the Windows Phone environment so that it's familiar and comfortable to users of Microsoft's mobile OS, He said the same should hold true for the iOS and Android versions, The BBM experience on iPhone and Android "needs to be more of a native app experience," Sims said, according to N4BB, "You can expect to see that manifest itself in our Android and iPhone BBM apps."Sims didn't spill any details on when BBM for iOS speck presidio ultra iphone x tough case w/ removable bumper - black and Android may undergo a redesign, BlackBerry has continued to add more features to both versions, but the apps themselves have gone almost ten months without any interface changes, A makeover is something that should be high on BlackBerry's priority list at this point..

Google has partnered with live-streaming firm CrowdOptic to transmit a surgeon-in-training's eye-view from the operating room to instructors in real time via the Internet-connected headset. The idea is that by transmitting their visual point-of-view during operations, medical residents will get better feedback and instruction from the surgeons who are teaching them. "The reaction [from doctors] has been that this changes the game," said CrowdOptic co-founder and CEO Jon Fisher. CrowdOptic expects that the technology will offer a "paradigm shift" in surgical training, the company said Wednesday in a statement.

CrowdOptic is one of five partners in the Glass at Work program that Google announced in June to help create business uses for Google Glass, Other partners include APX Labs, GuidiGo, AugMedix, and Wearable Intelligence, APX recently hired the founder of the Glass at Work program away from Google X to run business development for the connected-headset software company, CrowdOptic has been developing streaming use-cases for Google Glass speck presidio ultra iphone x tough case w/ removable bumper - black and has built technology that can handle multiple simultaneous streaming feeds, In March, it showed a basketball player's dunking point-of-view in real time with Glass..

The partnership with Stanford won't be the first to bring Google Glass into the operating room. More than a year ago, a doctor at Ohio State University live-streamed surgery on a patient's knee. However, the new use may be the first time that Glass has been worn by the medical student -- not the instructing surgeon. Fisher said he has answers to potential concerns about using Glass in the operating room. People do not need to worry about privacy or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, he said, because CrowdOptic has figured out how to "lock down" the data from the live stream.

CrowdOptic has its own licensed spectrum, so it doesn't depend on a Wi-Fi partner, he added, The data produced by the live stream is owned by Stanford, and CrowdOptic does not have access to it, However, Fisher declined to comment on the kind of encryption used to protect the data while in transit in the stream, "It's standard including patient permission and this is the team that built Oracle's Adaptive Access Manager, speck presidio ultra iphone x tough case w/ removable bumper - black [which] is the authentication and fraud detection solution used in thousands of banks worldwide, so we have the security thing covered," Fisher said in an email to CNET, He offered the fact that CrowdOptic's vice-president of engineering, Jim Redfield, ran the Oracle Adaptive Access Manager product for six years as evidence of the company's security bona fides..

CrowdOptic tech also keeps distractions to a minimum, he noted, because it seals off other Glass apps when in use. "This makes teaching more seamless," Fisher said he has heard from surgeons-in-training and doctors. Glass has remained controversial to the public at large, but Google's betting that Glass stands a better chance at broad adoption when used in specific situations. Although getting Glass onto the heads of surgeon wannabes at Stanford University Medical School may help doctors there become better surgeons faster, it also promotes and normalizes the use of Glass itself.

Updated at 8:09 a.m, PT with comments from Fisher about encryption in CrowdOptic, Surgeons in training at Stanford University add Google's Internet-connected headset to their list speck presidio ultra iphone x tough case w/ removable bumper - black of at-hand surgical tools, Scalpel, Forceps, Needle-holder, These are common tools that all surgeons-in-training must familiarize themselves with, But doctors learning to become cardiothoracic surgeons at Stanford University Medical School will have to add a new one to that list: Google Glass, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

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