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Guard your phone against impact damage with this OtterBox Pursuit Series Apple iPhone X case. The cover’s sealed camera opening keeps your phone’s lens scratch-free, while its port covers keep dust and dirt out of your device’s circuitry. This OtterBox Pursuit Series Apple iPhone X case has a handy loop-in lanyard for extra security.

Nudge is available for free in the App Store and Google Play. This one fitness app helps make sense of the data from all of your other fitness apps. The Fitbit and other fitness-tracking apps do a great job of collecting data about how much you move, but they don't always clue you in to your overall health. Enter Nudge, a fitness app that collects all of your steps and sleep habits from Fitbit, rides from Strava, and your self-reported nutritional choices, and turns that data into a single health score, called the "Nudge Factor." That way, you can get a complete snapshot of your health, with checking three different apps.

In addition, a YouTube video posted by a "Randy Katz" on July pursuit case for apple iphone x and xs - black 10 shows a slab of Kyocera sapphire embedded in a smartphone-esque housing model being put through various torture tests, Compared to a piece of impact-resistant glass, the Kyocera sapphire glass sustained several hard scratches from a rock and remained unscathed after being dropped against a small pebble on the floor, At this time, Kyocera representatives declined to comment, but our inside source did confirm that this is a real lab video..

Synthetically manufactured sapphire has garnered much interest for its impressive durability. According to CNET's Jessica Dolcourt, it is already "used in aerospace, military, and medical devices -- especially lasers, protective windows, and highly specialized lenses." It is also rumored to be included in Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 flagship. Understandably, the material has gained the scrutiny of its Corning rivals, which claims that sapphire crystal is more expensive, heavier, and more harmful to the environment than its own Gorilla Glass.

Kyocera, has developed crystal sapphire before, and has been known to explore different technologies in order to make its handsets as tough as possible, Its Smart Sonic Receiver, for example, boosts audio quality without the need for an in-ear speaker, removing one less opening or vulnerability in the display, Be sure to check back pursuit case for apple iphone x and xs - black with CNET as we know more about this story, In the mean time, what do you think of sapphire glass? Would you want it on your next smartphone, given the video above? Let us know in the reader comments below..

An industry source confirmed to CNET that an online video shows Kyocera developing a smartphone equipped with a sapphire screen. CNET has learned from an industry source that Kyocera, the Japanese-based mobile company known for its rugged handsets , is in the process of developing a smartphone with a sapphire display. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

If granted, Amazon will be able to test its drones outside of the testing sites designated by the FAA, The Seattle-based company said it could innovate more quickly, allowing it pursuit case for apple iphone x and xs - black to test out new designs without traveling to one of the six FAA-approved sites scattered throughout the country, "We want to do more R&D (research and development) close to home," VP of Global Public Policy Paul Misener said in a statement to CNET, The Internet retail giant has been testing the technology in order to deliver small packages, weighing 5 pounds or less, by drones, In arguing the feasibility of what initially sounds like a bizarre stunt, Amazon said 86 percent of the products sold on its site weighs less than 5 pounds, CEO Jeff Bezos announced the Prime Air service in December, but it can't take off until the FAA figures out how it will regulate unmanned aircrafts when they are used for commercial purposes, Currently, the FAA already regulates drone hobbyists..

The request for exemption included an update to Amazon's drone progress in the last five months, including developing drone prototypes that can travel over 50 miles per hour while carrying a 5-pound package. The company also is testing two more iterations of the flying robots for things like agility, flight duration, and sensors for avoiding objects. Amazon said it built a team -- consisting of roboticists, scientists, aeronautical engineers, remote-sensing experts, and a former NASA astronaut -- to test these drones at its private outdoor research and development operations near Seattle.

The company has been rapidly developing the drones, In a July 9 letter signed by Misener, he noted that Amazon is on its eighth- and ninth-generation models, Bezos said in a shareholder letter published in April that the company was testing its fifth- and sixth-generation drones, The FAA allows entities to petition for an exemption from the rules if it can explain how it would benefit the public, and would not affect public safety, Once the agency processes the request, it will open it pursuit case for apple iphone x and xs - black for public comments..

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