Speck Presidio Grip iPhone Xs Case - Black - Sales

Meet the Speck Presidio Grip - the evolution of the popular CandyShell Grip case. An ultra-rugged black case made from two different protective layers for the iPhone XS from Speck. Features enhanced drop protection, superior matte finish.Dual reinforced layers of protection for your iPhone XS, Firstthere was the award winning Speck CandyShell Grip, now that classic design has been refined, improved and evolvedinto the all new Speck Presidio Grip.Comprisinga sophisticated,scratch-resistant matte finishhard outer shell withSpeck's all newrubberised 'Impactium' interior layer,which offers fantastic protection no matter what. The sleek, hard shell protects against drops, scratches and minor impacts and it slides easily in and out of your pockets. The rubberisedImpactium inner lining eXStends to a bezel, which protects your screen if it falls face downand providesnon-slip stability when you place it face down. Stylish hybrid design scheme, Protective benefits aside, the beauty of this hybrid design is that you have two contrasting yet complementary materials offering a very pleasing overall aesthetic. Not only do they work perfectly together, they look perfect together too. The materials have even been treated so that they last longer and keep their colour and finish for longer too.Grey white version shown as an eXSample onlyImproved Grip design, Withnew diagonal grip chevrons eXStruding from the rear and sides of the case, you'll have an unparalleled grip on your iPhone. The case will feel more comfortable in your hand and due to the alternating directions of the chevrons it's even less likely to slip from your grasp. It also looks more attractivetoo. Enhanced 10 ft drop protection, True, most people aren't anywhere near that tall so who cares?But what if you drop your iPhone down the stairs,overa high wall or out of a first storey window? Whereas before Military drop testing from 6-8 feetwas good enough, Speck has now gone a step further by testing cases from 10 ft - or over 3m.This case has performed perfectly in that regard so you'll have a case designed to look great and keep your iPhone safe and secure where manycases would struggle. Have peace of mind.Reduced bulk, Ever the trade off with protective cases, they are often heftier than normal. The Presidio Grip however, is 20% less bulky than even it's slimline predecessor, so you're truly getting a case that's protective and slim enough to hold the iPhone's trim styling beautifully.Designed for the iPhone XS, The Presidio Grip has been designed specifically for the iPhone XS, meaning it has cut-outs for the ports and features of the iPhone XS.

Until then, don't expect to see a Coin prototype out in the wild. The devices are few and far between for now. Unless customers got their orders in early -- and we mean very early -- they'll now have to wait until spring 2015 to get their hands on Coin's all-in-one credit card. San Francisco-based Coin tried to soothe tensions last week after a public relations snafu tied to its product delay. But the startup, which manufactures an electronic device for storing credit and debit card info, may have another, less controllable issue on its hands: the company's beta program proved too successful, leaving many customers excluded and, once again, angry.

But the need for on-the-go productivity gadget hasn't disappeared, Thumb keyboards are handy for typing out a quick e-mail reply, but they can become tiring if used for more than a few minutes, Surely there's a significant enough base speck presidio grip iphone xs case - black of people needing to type out accurate notes at impromptu meetings when there's no laptop or tablet around, And yet, for all the niche products that have sprung forth from the Kickstarter genie, no one's attempted to create a modern palmtop, perhaps one running Android..

The most recent product that represents the virtues of the palmtop is the King Jim "Pomera" line, particularly the DM20 that boasts a folding keyboard and monochrome LCD and can operate on two AA batteries. Lacking any radios such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and available for less than $150, it's designed for quick note-taking in meetings and the like. But its keyboard and user interface are designed for the Japanese market, though the interface can be switched to English. Other simple writing products, such as the now-discontinued Neo Writer, have essentially the same profile as a laptop, while the Pandora open-source palmtop is really designed more for gaming than text input.

The problem, of course, is that few people wish to give up the capabilities speck presidio grip iphone xs case - black of their smartphones to enter notes, Not only do we have our smartphones with us, but they offer bona fide advantages when it comes to note-taking, These include access to rich word processors such as DataViz' Documents to Go or Apple's Pages; browsers for researching things we're writing; and cloud services for storage, Therefore, a modern-day palmtop alternative might be to pair one's smartphone with a folding keyboard, but few good, pocketable ones exist, One promising project, the Jorno, was funded on Kickstarter in fall 2012 but still hasn't shipped, A more recent, cheaper and simpler looking design, the Flyshark, is closing in on its Kickstarter funding goal, Unlike the Jorno, it lacks an integrated smartphone stand so users will have to find some way to prop up their smartphones or tablets..

Compared with the Psion 5mx, arguably the best palmtop of the palmtop's golden age, the FlyShark and Jorno should allow for easier text input. And the displays, apps and connectivity of today's smartphones are light years beyond that product. But combining a Bluetooth keyboard and smartphone entails such hassles as having to pair them and deal with separate batteries and power switches. It's the kind of compensating that products such as Microsoft Surface are trying to do to get what's essentially a slate product to behave like a clamshell.

It's amazing that in this era of retro-videogame projects and throwback platforms with great battery life there hasn't been some grassroots effort to bring back a simple, inexpensive palmtop for on-the-fly creation of notes, longer e-mails and memos, Such a product isn't for everyone, but there must be enough grassroots interest out there to spawn the next Kickstarter niche-tech-product surprise, The palmtop has gone away, but some people could still use speck presidio grip iphone xs case - black an integrated pocketable typing device, The clamshell has proved as hard to push aside in the PC world as it's been hard to bring back in the mobile world, In the late '90s, operating systems such as Windows CE and Symbian powered palmtops such as the Philips Velo and the Psion Series 5; the latter showed that you could create a usable keyboard in a pocket-size clamshell device..

His left foot started dragging while he tried to pop up on his board, causing more wipeouts than normal for the avid wave rider. What started as a visit to the foot doctor resulted in an eventual diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, an incurable neurodegenerative condition with few known causes that bit by bit takes away a person's ability to control muscle movements and leads to death. "The gravity of that day," he said of when he was diagnosed, "of the terrifying fear, volcanic anger, the inconsolable sorrow for the loss of the perfect life my wife and I had built -- still remains as a stark and adrenaline-inducing memory."Valor -- a 45-year-old former information technology professional living outside Santa Cruz, Calif., who is now paralyzed -- built a new life as an advocate for the ALS community. That calling led him to take part in an experimental project this year developed by consultancy Accenture and tech firms Royal Philips and Emotiv. Using Valor as their first trial case, the companies successfully used Emotiv's wireless brain-wave-reading headset to allow him to request medical help and control the lights or television simply by thinking commands.

This kind of technology could in the future help people paralyzed by diseases or injury to communicate with others, control different facets of their homes without someone else's help and gain mobility by operating a wheelchair, "We're just excited about the potential of what this product can provide," said Tan Le, CEO of Emotiv, "We're just scratching the surface."ALS is relatively rare, with roughly 400,000 people worldwide affected, which means the battle for a cure or treatment is sometimes overlooked in favor of more well-known afflictions, But over the last month, awareness of the disease has gone mainstream thanks to a viral campaign called the Ice Bucket Challenge -- you might already have speck presidio grip iphone xs case - black been called out by someone on your social network to dump ice water over your head..

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