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Custom moulded for the iPhone SE, this pink FlexiShield gel case from Olixar provides excellent protection against damage as well as a slimline fit for added convenience.

The Nvidia Shield Tablet looks a bit like a Nexus device: matte black, clean and relatively compact. It's mostly made of plastic, however, which I noticed when I pressed down on the front-facing speakers; the material flexed. Those speakers are nice and loud, though, perfect for some tabletop gaming. The word "Shield," embossed on the back in glossy letters, is the only hint you're holding a tablet with any connection to gaming technology. That's a major change from the original Shield, which was full of chrome and funky detail.

The Shield Tablet weighs 13.7 ounces (388g) and is 0.36 inch (9mm) olixar flexishield iphone se gel case - pink reviews thick: it's not the lightest or thinnest, but you certainly don't feel like you're sacrificing size for graphics, It's as compact as any other 8-inch tablet, for the most part, What else can I say? The Shield Tablet design doesn't scream "gaming," but it's clean and inoffensive, and it resembles the Nexus 7 tablet, It almost feels like an unofficial Nexus 8, The Nvidia Shield Tablet is the first tablet to show off the Tegra K1, a far more powerful graphics processor than last year's Tegra 4 had, The Tegra K1 offers benchmark performance that -- according to Nvidia, at least -- blows far past tablets like the iPad Air or Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 , The Tegra K1 processor has a 192-core Kepler GPU plus a 2.2GHz quad-core A15 processor and 2GB of RAM..

In our tests, that performance shows off in gaming graphics: not only do some of the few available K1-optimized games such as Half-Life 2 and Portal deliver graphics worthy of the PS3 or the Xbox 360, but games streamed via Nvidia Gamestream from a PC or over Nvidia's Grid streamed-game beta service look good enough to pass as console experiences, too. On 3DMark, we got an eye-popping score of 30,421, which was more than double what competing tablets have racked up. That's great news, and certainly puts the Shield Tablet on a theoretical high ground for gaming on tablets.

But what can show off these graphics? Again, Nvidia has only gathered an unimpressively small stable of Shield Tablet-optimized games thus far, and the future lineup of games looks bleak, There might be many more games to come, but how many developers will really line up to make Google Play Shield Tablet games? More Tegra K1 devices need to exist to justify that effort, The Shield Tablet offers several Nvidia technologies that other Android tablets lack, Much like the first Nvidia Shield, this tablet can access any Google Play apps or Android games, plus a curated collection of around 180 Shield-optimized games (11 of which are Tegra K1-optimized) that can be launched from the Shield Hub, a new app formerly called Tegra Zone that acts as a self-contained zone for those who just want to use their tablet for Shield-related games and apps, Shield Hub also converts into a big-screen TV olixar flexishield iphone se gel case - pink reviews mode -- called Nvidia Console Mode -- when the tablet's connected to a TV via HDMI, much like Steam's Big Picture or what Android TV will eventually do, Netflix will stream in 1080p on the Shield Tablet, too..

Using the tablet as a TV-connected microconsole really works, but it's not perfect: the Shield controller works to control nearly all features remotely, even voice-activated Google Now search, but not all apps support it well. Netflix, for instance, isn't optimized for smooth, controller-based navigation, rendering sections impossible to browse. There's more: the Shield Tablet's greatest perk is being able to connect to Nvidia Gamestream, a way to stream and remotely play PC games via connected laptops or desktops running recent compatible Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics hardware.

You basically remote-play the magically beamed-over games, much like what can be done on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, A PC app called GeForce Experience brokers the setup, which involves entering a code to connect tablet and PC, Then, if everything works, the games appear magically on the tablet as long as you also have Steam downloaded and set up on your computer, The Shield Tablet supports about 120 PC games, including Metro: Last Light, BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider, I tried olixar flexishield iphone se gel case - pink reviews playing them locally on my Wi-Fi network, but Gamestream also works remotely to some degree, A 5GHz router is recommended, plus an Internet connection with 10Mbps download speed and 40ms ping, The games I played looked reasonably good, much like streamed PC games on the original handheld Shield..

You can also access Nvidia's in-beta Grid streaming-game service, which offers a smattering of completely cloud-hosted streaming PC games for free -- think PlayStation Now -- including some gems like Borderlands 2 and Saints Row: The Third. It's a cool bonus for Shield Tablet owners, and it's actually very fun. New games are added every week, but there isn't a vast selection of games to choose from. Also, a strong connection to your Wi-Fi network is needed for successful gameplay. This tablet also supports Twitch live game-streaming of both Android and PC-streamed titles, a first for a tablet. Nvidia's game controller has its own microphone and headset input jack, and both it and the front-facing cam can add audio-video commentary during streaming, something that hasn't been done on a mobile device before. I'm not a real Twitch gamer, but if you're connecting this to a PC in your home and want to set up in front of your TV, this is an extra bonus. The Shield Tablet's 5-megapixel rear cameras is merely OK compared with those of other tablets, but its 5-megapixel front-facing "selfie" camera is definitely better than average -- and that's the one you'll be using for Twitch.

Heck, you can even use Nvidia ShadowPlay, a new software tool for capturing in-game footage, should you be into that, As you can see, this all starts to get pretty tinkery for normal gamers, but hard-core PC gamers could find it fun, The 8-inch 1,920x1,200-pixel IPS display on the Shield Tablet looks really good; it's not as great as the best tablet displays out there, such as that on the Samsung Galaxy olixar flexishield iphone se gel case - pink reviews Tab S 8.4, but it's better than the display on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0, It sports 283 pixels per inch, which is less pixel-packed than the 359 ppi on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 or the 326 ppi of the iPad Mini Retina, but it's great for gaming: many PC games don't require resolution beyond 1080p, anyway..

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