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I love the way this jewelry box turned out , I used different shades of pink and painted pink roses, ballet shoes and ribbons all over. The top of the box is personalized with a name and a pretty ballerina.This wooden jewelry box has 2 spaces for jewelry and a pretty mirror.This one was painted as a gift for a little girl's birthday, it has a great space on the bottom of the box for a personalized message.The jewelry box has pink felt on the inside of the drawers and a little ballerina who begins to dance as soon as you open the lid.The music box Plays Waltz of the Flower. Please note this box has changed the drawers and drawer pulls now more closely resembles the 7th pictureThis makes a sweet accent piece in the room and later it will become her treasured is 5" high, 6 1/2" long and 4 1/4" wide, it is a perfect place to keep a little princesses treasures.The box can be painted in any colors or designs and you can include a love letter of your own for your daughter or anyone else that is special in your life. I would love to paint a box for you, please contact me with your design needs.I design and hand paint all the items in my shop myself, please allow 3-6 weeks from payment to shipping, if you need it by a specific date, please let me know when you place your order.This design is copyright 2013Thank you for visiting my shop, please stop by again as I add some more items.Thank youRobyn

Valentine sounded terrific at the Fox, especially during her signature bass spotlight in “Head Over Heels.” Unfortunately, what was supposed to be the long-awaited chance to see all five Go-Go’s performing together onstage didn’t exactly turn out the way expected. That’s because Schock was still recovering from a recent surgery and was unable to play drums. Her fill-in did quite nicely, but it will still be good to see Schock back at the kit soon. She did show up to the concert, however, to greet the crowd and introduce her bandmates.

But the band has another ace in the hole to help sway Rock Hall voters, “Hey, you guys, we have a musical on Broadway,” the always exuberant Wiedlin told fans at the Fox, Take Our PollOf course, many of these fans already knew about “Head Over Heels,” the new musical featuring the personalized jewelry box,african american ballerina,ballet recital gift,pink jewelry box, girls jewelry box,child's jewelry songs of the Go-Go’s that had a pre-Broadway run at the Curran in San Francisco earlier this year, Now, it’s moved to New York and that means the Go-Go’s are the toast of the Big Apple..

And where do you think most of the people who vote for the Rock Hall of Fame are based? Good guess. Related ArticlesNew Go-Go’s musical is ‘like Shakespeare and punk music had a baby’First Look: Are we gaga for the new Go-Go’s musical?The final Warped Tour: Fans gather to bid farewell to this ‘incredible gift’Review: REO Speedwagon hits, Chicago misses in tour openerPost Malone, aka the ‘Donald Trump of hip-hop,’ rocks Bay Area fansThe biggest benefit of “Head Over Heels,” at least for the band, is that it causes one to re-examine the Go-Go’s songbook. Does the music stand up next to what people are use to hearing in Broadway musicals? The answer is, most definitely, yes. That should directly lead to a greater appreciation of the band’s songwriting.

By Cleve R, Wootson Jr, | The Washington Post, In Franklin Gebhardt’s eyes, Timothy Coggins’s crime was simple: Coggins was a black man who was dating a white woman, And so one night in the fall of 1983, Gebhardt and his brother-in-law, William Moore, lured Coggins into a car parked across the street from a dance club frequented by African Americans in Sunnyside, Georgia – the first step in carrying out the 23-year-old’s killing, The pair stabbed Coggins more than 30 times, leaving a patchwork of bloody Xes on the young man’s skin, prosecutors said, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Then, the two white men personalized jewelry box,african american ballerina,ballet recital gift,pink jewelry box, girls jewelry box,child's jewelry chained Coggins to the back of a pickup truck, took him to a desolate part of town, and dragged him across the asphalt until he stopped moving..

Coggins’s corpse was so badly damaged that investigators at first had difficulty identifying him. “We don’t know whether this person was local or a transient,” an investigator told the local paper, according to clipping later tweeted by a CNN reporter. “About all that’s known for certain is that the victim died a violent death.”. It was, Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix later told the Journal Constitution, a slaying so heinous that it “appeared to be sending a message.”.

Gebhardt and Moore boasted to their buddies that the killing of a black man in cold blood was a public service, “They were proud of what they had done,” Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Jared Coleman would personalized jewelry box,african american ballerina,ballet recital gift,pink jewelry box, girls jewelry box,child's jewelry eventually tell a jury, according to the Journal Constitution, “They felt like they were protecting the white race from black people.”, Authorities combed through missing persons reports before identifying Coggins a day after his bloody remains were found in a grassy ditch..

But no witnesses came forward, police exhausted their leads, and the case went cold – even though one of Coggins’s killers openly bragged about the time he killed a black man with impunity. “If you keep on you’re going to wind up like that [n-word] in the ditch,” Gebhardt once told a girlfriend, the GBI’s Coleman told jurors, according to the Journal Constitution. Threats like that, investigators said, contributed to a cone of silence that kept the case cold for years.

“Gebhardt has said both in jail calls and in interviews that if you give me a name of witnesses they won’t testify,” prosecutor Marie Broder said, Gebhardt and his brother-in-law were laborers at a pulp mill, but had reputations as toughs with nasty, racist streaks – and rap sheets: Gebhardt had been charged with aggravated assault several times and had spent time in a Georgia penitentiary, They also had friends in key places, Two of them – Gregory Huffman and Lamar Bunn – were law enforcement officers when Gebhardt and Moore were eventually arrested, CNN reported, Huffman is accused of revealing the identity of a confidential personalized jewelry box,african american ballerina,ballet recital gift,pink jewelry box, girls jewelry box,child's jewelry informant who was being used against Gebhardt, the Associated Press reported, Bunn previously worked for the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office and was employed as an officer at another department when Gebhardt was arrested..

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