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WHAT YOU GET:1 PNG + 1 JPG - JPG is A4, printable- Hand-Painted watercolor- Original image is 2400x3500 pixels- 300 DPI- Transparent background (Png file)- White Background (Jpeg file)- Instant download- No watermarkYou'll need to unzip files before usage.Stay Inspired!

2. I just can’t resist the salsa by Milo Manheim and Witney Carson with Riker Lynch, who finished second in Season 20. While their hips weren’t quite shaking as much as Witney would have liked, the salsa was awesome. Len said that Witney was being thrown from Riker to Milo like a Frisbee and that was “wonderful, the best dance I’ve seen tonight.” Judge Bruno Tonioli added that “the details in choreography were delicious.” Score: two 10s and a 9 for 29. 3. Alexis Ren and Maddie Ziegler, who has danced to Sia’s songs, seemed like long-lost sisters, and Alan Bersten choreographed a tango that was terrific. When the dance was over, Tom Bergeron said, “I’ve got goosebumps.” Carrie Ann thought it was strong, but that they “danced like three solos, not as one tango.” In response, the audience erupted in boos. Len added that it was “a good mix of tango content and beautiful attacking tango. Well done.” Score: a 9 and two 8s for 25.

As the season goes on, I really hope that Joe Amabile can start picking up the choreography better and the routines faster, Otherwise, I think his pro partner, Jenna Johnson, may start pulling her hair out, To a lesser degree, Bobby Bones has the same problems for pro partner Sharna Burgess, Both men are obviously doing their best to have a good time and have fun, but dancing well may not be on their agendas, Since both seem to be very popular with the viewers, who are voting like crazy and keeping either from being eliminated, one of them might (gasp) end up in the finals, It’s too bad that the fan bases are not voting for the watercolor ballet shoes - clip art - print dancing..

Tom announced that next week is “Disney Night” (hooray), followed by the infamous Halloween theme night. Both events bring out the most amazing costumes and dance numbers. See you next week — keep dancing. Scores of celebs & pros. Milo & Witney: Carrie Ann, 10; Len, 9; Bruno, 10 = 29Mary Lou & Sasha: 9; 8; 9 = 26Tinashe & Brandon: 9; 8; 9 = 26 (eliminated)Alexis & Alan: 8; 8; 9 = 25Juan Pablo & Cheryl: 8; 8; 8 = 24Evanna & Keo: 8; 8; 8 = 24DeMarcus & Lindsay: 7; 7; 8 = 22John & Emma: 7; 7; 7 = 21Bobby & Sharna: 7; 6; 7 = 20Joe & Jenna: 5; 5; 5 = 15.

There is a story about an adult, watercolor ballet shoes - clip art - print modern theater performer, She or he says, “I’ve been taking dance lessons since I was 3 years old! Voice lessons since I was 4! I’ve been acting in school and taking acting lessons since I was 5! And finally, today, I’ve been cast! I will be in the ensemble for (insert name of oft-seen musical) at (insert name of obscure community theater)!”, Max Tachis, who has built a fine career as an actor, including at City Lights, Palo Alto Players and TheatreWorks Silicon Valley, skipped all of that..

“I kind of fell into it all kinds of butt-backways,” he said while on break from rehearsing for “Noises Off” at Hillbarn Theatre in Foster City. “I went to Cañada College to get units to move on to four-year-college. I needed a humanities class, so took Introduction to the Theater. The writing and acting parts really appealed to me. I did ‘The Importance of Being Earnest,’ then met a costumer for Festival Theater Ensemble. I worked with Festival Theater five summers in a row … I realized, this is what I want to do. I started working by day, and doing theater by night.”.

And he’s since worked with some of the best actors and best directors in the Bay Area, including with watercolor ballet shoes - clip art - print Mark Anderson Phillips for “Dr, Jekyll and Mr, Hyde” at City Lights in San Jose, and Jeffrey Lo for “The SantaLand Diaries” for TheatreWorks, “Max came in with strong instincts for this craft right out of the gate,” said City Lights Executive Artistic Director Lisa Mallette, “Some, honestly, have a gift, He has a very natural, genuine sensibility for character while always staying truthful and sincere..

“The other quality that Max had and still has, that has made us at City Lights want to work with him over and over again, is how wonderful he is in the room. Max is positive, upbeat with a warm spirit, is generous with other actors and the production team and is basically a dream to direct. We are grateful to have been a part of his early journey in his (I am sure to be a very long and successful) career.”. “I was never very good at school,” Tachis said. “I learned a lot better by just going in and watching how other actors operate, and how directors operate, being in the deep end.

“Every show I’ve done, there watercolor ballet shoes - clip art - print was something to be learned, something to be gathered, This last year, every show, I learned, At Los Altos Stage, ‘The Crucible,’ that was a show that — in order to do it — I grew a lot, unexpectedly, It was more rewarding than I expected, It’s a very important piece, personally, It took me to a lot of places.”, Tachis’ current learning experience is one of the funniest farces ever written for the stage, “Noises Off,” which opened Oct, 12 at Hillbarn Theatre in Foster City..

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