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Built to last and providing peerless protection for your iPhone X, the Moab rugged case is engineered with a layer of Lander's signature Thermoline material for extreme temperature resistance. Also includes a detachable lanyard for added security.Trademark Thermoline material for temperature control, Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can negatively impact the performance of your iPhone X, or even damage its battery.Keep your iPhone X running smoothly and your battery in perfect condition with Lander's trademark Thermoline insulation technology, the Moab's advanced insulation layer keeps your iPhone X performing at peak levels for longer by using Lander's unique temperature regulating design to help maintain the perfect operating temperature in extreme conditions.Rugged, hard-wearing protection for your iPhone X, For most people, a regular case is enough for their iPhone X. They'll probably be using it around the office, in the house, perhaps when they go on holiday. Not you, though. You're an adventurer. You're an intrepid explorer, pushing yourself to the limits to find new experiences and battle the elements. Maybe your job is dangerous, or maybe it's just really tough, and you need something seriously heavy-duty to protect your iPhone. Enter the Lander Moab. The Moab is designed to resist extreme temperatures, as well as being reinforced to resist even the most terrifying impacts and drops. This is a serious case for serious iPhone X users.Crush zones provide superior impact protection, Although the iPhone X is a wonderful device, like most smartphones, it can be quite fragile. With the Lander Moab, you can rest assured that even if you do accidentally drop your phone, "crush zone" construction ensures that impact is dispersed properly throughout the case, directing damage away from your phone. The Moab also sports a precision-engineered, high-quality build which will easily shrug off scratches, scrapes and surface damage.Detachable lanyard for added security, Keep your device within reach at all times with the Moab's lanyard loop. Completely detachable, this lanyard provides even more drop protection by ensuring that your phone won't fall if you do lose your grip - not that the hard-wearing, textured surface of the Moab makes losing your grip easy.Not feeling the lanyard? No worries - it's completely detachable, so if you prefer to travel light (or take a walk on the wild side), the choice is yours.Illumifind stitching catches light, increasing visibility, The Lander Moab is put together with Illumifind stitching, a special kind of reflective detailing which catches the light just right and allows your device to always be seen. Dropped your phone in the dark? No problem - the reflective Illumifind stitching means you only have to move around a little to see exactly where your phone is.Designed for iPhone X, The Lander Moab is designed for iPhone X, which not only ensures a perfect fit but also means you'll always have access to your phone's features and ports - charging port, front and rear cameras, volume rocker and more.

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CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes, Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a breakdown of the big stories, hot devices, new apps, and what's ahead, Subscribe to the podcast via the links below, iTunes (HD) | iTunes (SD) | iTunes (HQ), RSS (HD) | RSS (SD) | RSS (HQ)| RSS (MP3), Download the audio version of today's episode, Google shows off the interface for smartwatches running Android Wear and also introduces Android Auto and Android TV, CNET's Bridget Carey sums up the news from Google I/O in under lander moab iphone x rugged case - black three minutes..

Today at Google I/O 2014, Senior Vice President of Android Sundar Pichai gave us the first taste of Android L, the next generation of Google's mobile operating system. The release is Google's first developer-only preview, and while it's not the final version of the next flavor of Android, it gives us a great look at what's next. Google names its new Android releases after desserts and sweets, and we've already known that a treat starting with the letter L was next. It seems that Google hasn't yet landed on an official name, leaving us to still speculate if version 4.5 (or perhaps 5.0) will be named Lollipop, Lemon Bar, or something else when it undoubtedly officially debuts later this year.

Until then, there's plenty to see in Android L, so without further ado, let's lander moab iphone x rugged case - black take a look, Check out more about Google's latest OS version, Android L, Material is the new design theme and philosophy for Android, It has a minimal, more transparent design that cleans up the user interface in the operating system and Google apps, Text has more space between it, and there's a flat design through the operating system, Material also adds updated animations, including animated check boxes and colored ripple effects when you touch the screen..

Check out more about Google's latest OS version, Android L. Though L has a relatively flat design, there's still areas where Google and developers can add depth. In the next version of Android, when designing a new app, developers can add shadows and natural light effects to create depth in the app. Check out more about Google's latest OS version, Android L. Color has long played an important role in Android, and that is even more true in L. Google is using brighter, richer colors throughout the OS, in apps and menus.

Check out more about Google's latest OS version, Android L, Notifications take on the Google Now card design aesthetic with colorful accents and white backgrounds, Android L prioritizes notifications based on what it thinks is important to you, Check out more about Google's latest OS version, Android L, For the most important notifications, such as phone lander moab iphone x rugged case - black calls or battery warnings, there are new Heads Up pop-up notifications that show up over your apps at the top of the screen, They won't interrupt what you're doing, and you can interact with them to, say, take that incoming phone call, To get rid of them, just swipe them away, or swipe them up into the notification shade to save them for later..

Check out more about Google's latest OS version, Android L. Notifications also show up on your lockscreen in order to put them front and center. In order to protect your privacy, app developers can program notifications to show "public" information or "private" information, which does a great job of hiding message and email content, and more. A public notification will show everything, while a private notification will show a message that tells you to unlock your phone to read more. Notifications for general information, such as the weather or your battery level will show up as public by default.

Check out more about Google's latest OS version, Android L, The old multitasking menu is getting a face lift in Android L, A new menu called "Recents" shows apps that are running in the background as a stack of cards, instead of the previous list view, You can scroll through that stack to switch between apps quickly, Check out more about Google's latest OS version, Android L, Unlocking your phone gets smarter in Android L, You can still use a PIN, password, or pattern lock when you're out and about, but you can now easily unlock your device lander moab iphone x rugged case - black without entering your PIN or password when it's close to your personal Bluetooth device, such as a smartwatch. That means if you have the Moto 360 or LG G Watch on your wrist, and pick up your Android phone, the phone knows that the watch belongs to you and automatically unlocks itself, You just need to swipe on the screen to unlock the screen..

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