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Hello retro! The bold neon hues saturated onto our translucent Tough Neon platform makes this case a real “wow”. Equipped with contrasting shades on the back and sides of the case, you can add this one to any look. Allow the natural beauty of your device to shine through, but add a little edge with Tough Neon. Available in Green/Pink and for the iPhone Xs Max.10 ft Drop Protection, One-piece platform design , Compatible with wireless charging , Refined colored metallic buttons , Flexible sides for enhanced grip , Lifetime warranty .

Samsung and Lenovo are under scrutiny on Thursday after a report surfaced from a China labor watchdog claiming that children were working at a facility that contributes to the companies' product. China Labor Watch, an organization that investigates Chinese production facilities to ensure proper working conditions and regulations, issued a statement Thursday saying that HEG Electronics employed over 10 children under the age of 16 at a facility in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. The youngest child was 14 years old, according to China Labor Watch. The facility is used to produce components for Samsung and Lenovo, according to the organization.

Samsung, however, said in response to the allegations from the watchdog group, it conducted an onsite investigation on the production line in question, including one-on-one interviews, and found no child or student iphone xs max tough neon - green/pink neon case workers there, "We immediately notified our findings to CLW and also proposed that Samsung and CLW conduct a joint onsite investigation for more precise verification, Furthermore, we proposed briefing Samsung's recruitment process that includes ID verification and face to face interviews," a Samsung spokeswoman said..

"We find it regrettable that CLW issued the allegations today without any mention of our statement," the spokeswoman added. "At Samsung Electronics, we deeply care about the health and safety of all our employees and employees at our suppliers and strictly maintain a zero tolerance policy on child labor."Li Qiang, CLW's founder and executive director, responded to Samsung's statement by saying their were confidentiality clauses associated with Samsung's statement so it held off mentioning it. And CLW was disappointed Samsung didn't verify the IDs of the reported child workers. "HEG had already dismissed these child workers before Samsung arrived," Qiang said.

Samsung has been facing increased scrutiny over child labor at some of the facilities owned by its suppliers, Over the last couple of years, in fact, it has been hit with several complaints against suppliers that have allegedly used child labor, Just last month, Samsung announced that it would sever ties with one of its suppliers, Shinyang Electronics, after word came that the company was allegedly violating child labor regulations, "Following iphone xs max tough neon - green/pink neon case the investigation, Samsung decided to temporarily suspend business with the factory in question as it found evidences of suspected child labor at the worksite," the company said at the time, "The decision was made in accordance with Samsung's zero tolerance policy on child labor."In 2012, HEG Electronics was charged by China Labor Watch with violating child labor regulations in its facilities, Samsung at that time promised to address the issue with HEG and "correct child labor and other violations throughout its supply chain." The latest investigation, which was conducted over the last several weeks, shows that "conditions at HEG failed to improve, they have worsened," China Labor Watch said..

In this most recent investigation, China Labor Watch found that in addition to underage labor, HEG had over 100 student workers working without overtime or a night-shift subsidy. "CLW has contacted a number of student workers directly by phone," the organization wrote Thursday. "Some made Samsung products at HEG while others made Lenovo products. One of those was a 19-year old female college student who told CLW Executive Director Li Qiang that while working on the Samsung production line at HEG, she worked four hours of overtime a day in addition to the normal eight hour workday, but she paid 8.5 RMB ($1.38) per hour for all work even though Chinese law requires overtime pay at 1.5 or 2 times normal wages."But Samsung says allegations China-based supplier HEG Electronics employes children under the age of 16 at its facility are false.

Late Wednesday, Samsung unveiled the Gear S, its sixth smartwatch launch in the past year, This device is the first in Samsung's lineup to include a 3G cellular radio, which allows you to make calls, receive notifications, and check emails when not tethered to a smartphone, It also includes a 2-inch curved Super AMOLED display, more enhanced sensors for health tracking, and built-in GPS, plus Samsung's home-grown Tizen operating system, Samsung co-CEO and head of mobile JK Shin said in a statement that the Gear S "redefines the idea of the smart wearable iphone xs max tough neon - green/pink neon case and the culture of communication, It will let consumers live a truly connected life anywhere, anytime."For Samsung, the Gear S represents another stake in the ground in the wearables market, With an aggressive portfolio of smartwatches in the market, Samsung is an undisputed leader in the category, even if consumers have been reluctant to buy into a hoped-for fashion trend, It isn't alone in its interest; LG unveiled a new circular watch of its own late Wednesday, and Apple will reportedly unveil a wearable at its iPhone 6 launch event, expected to take place on Sept, 9..

Samsung was one of the first companies to release a full-fledged smartwatch that can receive notifications, track steps and heart rate, and perform other functions. And it's also one of the first to introduce a modern smartwatch with a modem inside (its so-called doesn't really count). The question is whether anyone really needs -- or even wants -- a smartwatch with cellular connectivity. "This feels more like throwing stuff at the wall to see if it sticks," JackDaw Research analyst Jan Dawson said. "There haven't been many 3G/4G watches so far, so it's hard to say for sure whether people want one, but the fact is that a device this size can't replace a smartphone. .. I doubt this will make much of a dent in the overall market."While many companies are getting into wearables, it's unclear just how much consumers want the devices at all, let alone models with a cellular modem. Some analysts expect the wearables market to soar over the next few years, but others are already forecasting its demise. Market research IDC projects that from the end of this year to 2018, wearable shipments will increase nearly sixfold to 111.9 million. Forrester Research, however, predicts that by 2016 the functionality of smartwatches and fitness bands will be absorbed by other devices such as smartphones and sensor-laden headphones.

Samsung is betting on wearables soaring, Its willingness to launch multiple variants is similar to its smartphone strategy going iphone xs max tough neon - green/pink neon case back to 2010, when it launched its first Galaxy S smartphone, At the time, Samsung was willing to make multiple variants of the device to suit the needs of the carriers, and experimented with different designs such as a slide-out keyboard, Little by little, Samsung improved upon its smartphone lineup until it arrived at the breakout hit Galaxy S3, The company is hoping history repeats itself with its Gear line of smartwatches, One difference: consumers were already crazy about smartphones when Samsung appeared on the scene with the original Galaxy S; smartwatches have so far elicited lukewarm responses..

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