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This pear of cufflinks consists of enamel and rhodium silver. The black enamel is set beneath a cross of silver, creating a design which is three-dimensional and which has a lot of depth. The rectangular mounts of these cufflinks are slightly curved, giving these accessories a rounded look which is reminiscent of Italian jewelry accessories which also favor curved lines, as well as fine materials. These smart cufflinks ooze sophistication, and are likely to be a hit with debonair men who like to dress up for formal occasions and are inclined towards taking care of details with a refined sensibility.

The trade gap narrowed in April and May as farmers front-loaded soybean exports to China before Beijing’s retaliatory tariffs came into effect in early July. The deterioration in the trade deficit in July was flagged in an advance report published last month. U.S. stocks were trading lower on fears Trump would soon ramp up the trade war with China. The dollar fell against a basket of currencies, while U.S. Treasury prices were mixed. When adjusted for inflation, the trade gap increased to a five-month high of $82.5 billion in July from $79.3 billion in June. July’s so-called real trade deficit is above the second-quarter average of $77.5 billion.

If that trend continues in August and September, trade could black x cufflinks subtract from third-quarter gross domestic product growth, Trade contributed 1.17 percentage points to the economy’s 4.2 percent annualized growth pace in the second quarter, which was almost double the 2.2 percent rate notched in the January-March period, The goods trade deficit with China surged 10 percent to a record $36.8 billion in July, The trade gap with Mexico narrowed 25.3 percent to $5.5 billion while the shortfall with Canada shot up 57.6 percent to $3.1 billion..

The trade deficit with the European Union soared 50 percent to a record high of $17.6 billion. In July, exports of goods and services fell 1.0 percent to $211.1 billion. Soybean exports dropped $0.7 billion and shipments of civilian aircraft decreased $1.6 billion. Petroleum exports, however, were the highest on record. With the dollar strengthening in recent months against the currencies of the United States’ main trade partners and global economic growth slowing, exports could remain on the back foot.

Imports of goods and black x cufflinks services increased 0.9 percent to a record $261.2 billion in July, They were boosted by imports of computers and computer accessories, The import bill was also inflated by petroleum imports, which were the highest since December 2014 amid higher oil prices, The price of imported crude oil averaged $64.63 per barrel in July, the highest since December 2014 and up from $62.42 in June, There were also increases in imports of automobiles and parts as well as other goods, Pharmaceutical preparations imports, however, fell $1.3 billion..

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. economy is expanding at a 4.4 percent annualized rate in the third quarter, the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s GDPNow forecast model showed on Wednesday, following the latest data on trade and auto sales. This was slower than the 4.7 percent pace calculated by the regional Fed’s forecast program on Tuesday. Earlier Wednesday, the government said the U.S. trade deficit reached a five-month peak in July as the disparity between what the United States imports from China and what it exports to the world’s second-largest economy hit an all-time high.

LONDON (Reuters) - On any given day, the chair in Raven Rose’s Ewing, New Jersey, bedroom might be draped with shirts, pants or pyjamas, “It depends on how exhausted from work I am and if I plan to wear them again,” said the 35-year-old retail clerk, Marketers at consumer goods giant Unilever (ULVR.L)(UNc.AS) are calling it the “chairdrobe” - the heap of lightly worn clothes that often ends up crumpling one’s go-to garments, It’s a familiar sight in the bedrooms of some 60 percent of millennials – 22- to 37-year-olds earning more than a quarter of the world’s income - who approach laundry differently black x cufflinks from other age groups, Unilever’s market research shows..

That’s a pain point for the company, maker of Omo, the world’s second-biggest detergent after Procter & Gamble’s (PG.N) Tide. Tide, also known as Ariel, has 14.3 percent of the global laundry care market versus Omo’s 5.2 percent, Euromonitor International says. For decades, Unilever and P&G have pitched new and improved laundry detergents and fabric softeners, primarily to women using washing machines. But millennials are less loyal to traditional brands and have new demands, including that products save time and be environmentally sustainable.

Many, like 36-year-old Olivia Tusinski, want to spend as little time as possible on laundry, Plus, washing too often wears your clothes out faster, she says, “I don’t like black x cufflinks to waste water or energy,” said Tusinski, a government employee in London, P&G tested a line to woo the wash-weary a decade ago after discovering how common re-wearing clothes was, The Swash brand was parlayed into a $499 de-wrinkling appliance in partnership with Whirlpool but two products made it to market as Downy Wrinkle Releaser spray and Tide Stain Pen..

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