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San Jose State University Jazz Orchestra – Cool Yule: 7:30 p.m. Dec. 4, Hammer Theatre Center, 101 Paseo De San Antonio, San Jose. Featuring festive and familiar sounds of Bing Crosby, Vince Guaraldi, Frank Sinatra and more. $13-$21. Generations: 8 p.m.-midnight Dec. 7, UC Theatre Taube Family Music Hall, 2036 University Ave., Berkeley. This event, led by rapper P-Lo, will highlight and celebrate the Filipino-Bay Area connection and influence in music. $15-$20.

African Children’s Choir: 7 p.m, Dec, 30, Antioch Church Family, 55 E vintage woven black ballet flats 18th St., Antioch, The program features well-loved children’s songs, traditional spirituals and gospel favorites, Free,, The Big Fat Year End Kiss Off Comedy Show: 6 and 9 p.m, Dec, 31, Tabard Theatre, 29 N, San Pedro St., San Jose, Will Durst, Johnny Steele, Debi Durst, Michael Bossier, Mari Magaloni and Arthur Gaus perform in this show, which includes stand-up comedy, improvisation and loosely written sketches based on the major news stories of 2018, $43-$65,

Dario Argento’s 1977 masterpiece “Suspiria” was a poetic bloodbath ahead of its time. Now, director Luco Guadagnino (“Call Me by Your Name”) brings us what he’s calling a cover of the original film—his own take on the story of an American girl who joins a renowned dance company only to discover that it’s run by witches. Much of the mythology underlying the tale is the same, but so much is different that it’s hard to call this a remake. Hardcore fans of Argento’s film will need to set aside their detail-oriented love of the original to enjoy this homage.

Young Susie Bannion (Dakota Johnson) arrives in Berlin in 1977 to audition with the world-famous Markos Dance Company, Once choreographer Madame Blanc (Tilda Swinton, as ethereal and alien as ever) sees her dance, Susie is not only welcomed to the company but given a starring role, She’s also ruthlessly used—for starters, in a viscerally horrifying scene early in the film, Blanc does something to her so that as Susie dances, a dancer who’s betrayed the company is twisted, beaten and crushed until she’s folded in on herself into a ball of twitching, agonized flesh and broken, dislocated vintage woven black ballet flats bones..

As the film progresses, we learn more and more about the dance company and its plans for Susie, which go far beyond making her the unwitting puppetmaster of a fellow dancer’s torture. This is a dreamy, slow-moving film except for its horror sequences, which are sudden and unflinching. We eavesdrop on conversations among the older women, whose functions in the company are not always clear and whose conversations assume knowledge the audience doesn’t have. The film lures us into deeper and deeper strangeness, with little explanation, until we’re in over our heads and things get completely bonkers. There are many more questions than answers.

Johnson and Swinton are at the heart of the film and vintage woven black ballet flats do not disappoint, Folks who only know Johnson as the girl from the “50 Shades” movies are in for a surprise, She commits to the role, tackling the long, expressive dance sequences with a complete lack of self-consciousness, She reportedly trained for almost a year leading up to filming, and it shows, Swinton, of course, is Swinton, Her ethereal androgyny is robed in long, usually dark dresses and long, dark hair, Her Blanc moves with precise grace, whether she’s guiding a dancer or standing nearly motionless and smoking a cigarette, She imbues Blanc with presence, making it utterly believable that she’s a worshipped choreographer and a not-quite-human witch..

Whether you’ll enjoy the new “Suspiria” depends heavily on two things: If you love or hate the original, can you come to the new one with fresh eyes? And are you willing to be patient and piece things together one layer at a time as the film swirls and flows slowly, inexorably toward its intense, and deeply strange conclusion?. Directed by: Luca GuadagninoStarring: Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Doris Hick, Malgorzata Bela, Chloe Grace Moretz, Angela Winkler, Alek Wek, Jessica Batut, Elena Fokina, Mia GothRated: R for disturbing content involving ritualistic violence, bloody images and graphic nudity, and for some language including sexual references.

Sunnyvale Farmers Market: Enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and arts and crafts from local growers and artisans, Saturdays, 9 a.m.-1 p.m, Murphy and Washington avenues, Sunnyvale,, Sunnyvale Senior Center: The center offers a variety of services and activities, billiards room, fitness center, table games, trips, classes and lunches every weekday, 550 E, Remington Drive, Sunnyvale, 408-730-7360,, Senior Nutrition Program: Hot meals served along with camaraderie, Must be age 60 or older and a vintage woven black ballet flats resident of Santa Clara County, Monday-Friday, live dance music at 9:30 a.m., lunch at 11 a.m, First United Methodist Church, 535 Old San Francisco Road, Sunnyvale,

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