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Vintage, unworn shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo, made in Italy. The shoes have not been worn, however, there are a couple of light marks on them, see photo #10. Size 7 1/2AA (Narrow). Approximate sole length, 10", width, 3 1/4", heel, 3/4".

When he wore his Route 91 T-shirt in public, other survivors would come up to shake his hand. In return, he would invite them to Borderline. “He made them feel so welcome they kept coming back,” said Taylor Allen, 25, a Borderline regular who became close with Orfanos and Hoolihan at the Stagecoach concert. Of everyone who worked and partied at Borderline, Orfanos “made himself the most known,” said Kaitlyn Maki, 22, who was on the dance floor Wednesday when the shooting began. To anyone who needed it, he made himself available as a counselor, hype-man and drinking buddy. Gregarious and charming, he had a risque sense of humor and an affinity for women.

As other Borderline employees came and went, Orfanos couldn’t leave, “He was too tied,” Allen said, She smirked: “It was the girls in the boots.”, Orfanos’ most defining characteristic, though, was a fierce loyalty to those he loved and a deep sense of duty to protect vintage unworn salvatore ferragamo yellow leather ballet flats size 7.5aa narrow them at all costs, When a friend at Stagecoach was unaccounted for late one night, Orfanos dragged Hoolihan into an Uber vehicle and they drove around until they found her, “That’s the kind of person he was,” Hoolihan said, “He will not leave anybody behind.”..

Alone in Orange County, the Snapchat group message his only connection to his adoptive Borderline family in Thousand Oaks, California, Hoolihan waited at home for answers. For most of the morning, those on the chat had behaved as though Orfanos would be OK. “Because I know Tel will read this eventually,” one message began. But by late morning, Orfanos still hadn’t surfaced — not in the group chat, not on his cellphone. At 12:44 p.m., Hoolihan got the call. It was true that Orfanos had been spotted outside the bar, safe and alive. But witnesses said he ran back inside to help.

Communication among those on the group chat was complex because people were without their cellphones, having abandoned them on the dance floor as they fled, Together, Orfanos’ friends filled in the blanks from tidbits of information they collected, Somebody heard that Orfanos had made himself vulnerable while lifting others into the attic, a space only employees knew existed, They heard that he had thrown himself on top of someone as a vintage unworn salvatore ferragamo yellow leather ballet flats size 7.5aa narrow shield from the gunfire, Related ArticlesAs New Zealand attack unfolded, youngest victim ran toward the gunmanZuckerberg’s bad week gets worse with live-streamed shootingEchoes of prior bloodshed seen in New Zealand massacreMain suspect in New Zealand shootings that killed 49 appears in courtFacebook, Twitter, YouTube scramble to remove New Zealand mosque attack videosHoolihan couldn’t be alone, so he climbed into his car and drove to Thousand Oaks to be with those who knew Orfanos, On the way, Hoolihan tracked down the phone number for Orfanos’ mother, Hoolihan had never met her, but he wanted to let her know how much her son meant to him..

CLICK HERE if you are having trouble viewing these photos on a mobile device. On a sunny fall Friday, an eclectic line of animals is forming outside the Veterans Administration health center in Livermore — several golden retrievers and Chihuahua mixes, a pit bull, two cats. Their owners, all military veterans, chat as they wait patiently, occasionally leaning down to soothe a canine or feline anxiety. They’re here for just one thing: the big white van with colorful stripes parked at the curb.

Staffed by Dr, Josie Noah and her vintage unworn salvatore ferragamo yellow leather ballet flats size 7.5aa narrow assistants, this mobile veterinary clinic from Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) in Walnut Creek visits the Livermore and Martinez VA centers on alternating Fridays, providing free exams, vaccinations and flea medication to the pets of vets, “We love working with the veterans,” Noah says, “The veterans have done so much for us, Being able to give back to them is very rewarding.”, The idea of thanking veterans for their service in such a practical way — free pet health care, paid for by the nonprofit foundation — was what inspired La Russa, the former Oakland A’s manager and Baseball Hall of Famer, to launch ARF’s Pets and Vets program in the first place, says executive director Elena Bickers. The cost of even routine pet checkups can be prohibitive for a vet on a fixed income, So La Russa began sending the mobile clinic to VA clinics to offer help..

With four pets — two golden retrievers and two cats — Navy veteran Don Perry is something of a regular, stopping by for routine care and follow-ups for at least one animal at a time. Today, Perry and his wife are accompanied by 10-year-old Rowdy, a golden they can’t keep out of the pool. Rowdy is recovering from an ear infection that needs to be checked, and Perry hopes to get the dog a blood test for heart worm and have his nails trimmed. “These are good, dedicated people,” Perry says. “I’ve had animals for years and years and years, and these people are top notch.”.

Perry credits vintage unworn salvatore ferragamo yellow leather ballet flats size 7.5aa narrow them with saving his other’s dog’s life, During a routine exam five months ago, Noah discovered the dog had a tumor in one testicle, which was removed when the dog was neutered. Now Perry tells all the vets he meets about the service, Of course, the well-equipped mobile clinic pops up at pet food stores and other locations for spay and neuter surgeries, too, There’s a small surgical room in the back and there’s not much that they can’t handle, Noah says, but the veterans center visits are among her favorites..

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