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This lightweight K11 bumper case in black from ThanoTech features a high quality aluminium frame which offers great drop protection at all times. Should you wish for extra protection, the case also comes with two easily-removable protective back covers!Bumper design showcases your iPhone's good looksWhilst most of today's cases feature a traditional full cover design, which hides your phones sides, back and sometimes even the front, ThanoTech K11 delivers an excellent protection without impeding the good looks of your iPhone. This ultra-thin 2.25mmbumper design will leave most of your iPhone on display allowing your to flaunt and showcase its beautiful design.A high quality aluminium bumper compliments your iPhone perfectlyCrafted from anti-scratch TPU and high quality 6063 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, the K11 bumper from ThanoTechprotects your device whilst complimenting its sleek aesthetics. With a clear back and a matching colour bumper, the K11 case perfectly compliments your phone, keeping it looking and feeling the way it wasintended.Shock and drop protection for peace of mindIn most cases, the more - the better, however, ThanoTech K11 features an ingenious design, which has been crafted from high quality materials. This not only makes the bumper look good and premium in any setting, but also makes it able to withstand most of the drops of up to 16 foot height. You can now enjoy your iPhone's good looks without compromising its protection.Compatible with most 3rd party cables, screen protectors and other accessoriesDue its low-profile, ultra-thin build of just over 2.25mm, this case offers great compatibility with most of the 3rd party products on the market, which include USB cables, mount holders, and screen protectors. Whilst some of the edge-to-edge screen protectors might not be compatible with this case, most, if not all regular screen protectors should fit it without any issues.Comes with two optional back coversShould you wish to add an additional layer of protection to your iPhone 8/ 7, please be aware that this bumper case comes with two complimentary (1 glossy & 1 matte)and totally optional protective back covers. The installation process is really simple and takes just few seconds, however, it will further reinforce your iPhone against scratching.Access to all ports and featuresThe ThanoTech K11 bumper case optimises functionality to all of the iPhone's ports and features. This bumper case features TPU and Aluminium covered, super tactile and responsive button covers with no wiggle. The case also offers all of the cutouts for the charging port, camera and mute switch, all of which are left open for easy use.

Source The Sweet Setup via Lifehacker. Built-in OS X app Image Capture lets you quickly reclaim storage space on your iPhone by cleaning out your overloaded photo library. Is your iPhone constantly telling you that there is not enough available storage to take another photo or download another app? If a huge photo library is to blame for your iPhone storage woes, then you need to know about an OS X utility called Image Capture. With it, you can move the photos and videos off your phone without needing to use iPhoto or iTunes. Unlike those two bloated apps, Image Capture loads quickly and is dead simple.

While Samsung and LG have the distribution and marketing clout to give the Moto thanotech k11 iphone 8 / 7 aluminium bumper case - black 360 the chase, these aren't the only watches to keep an eye on, An explosion of smartwatch activity means that Sony and Asus also unveiled their wares, and Apple's iWatch is expected to debut within days, For smartwatch supporters, this kind of development and competition couldn't happen fast enough, Article updated at 3:02pm PT to correct LG G Watch R specs, The first-round smartwatch faces off against two other wearables that also launched this week..

After months of waiting, Motorola finally launched its Moto 360 smartwatch . At the time we first learned of the event, the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear 2 were its most serious competitors. In just a few short months, the landscape has completely shifted, making way for Samsung and LG's latest, the also-round LG G Watch R and the enormous, curved Samsung Gear S -- both of which also launched the same week. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

If you thought Google would decrease the cost of its smartglasses to make them more consumer-friendly, you'll be sorely disappointed, On the other hand, Google is throwing in a "free" pair of shades or frames for the money, Google is the first to sell smartglasses, but won't be for long, Last CES, we saw a fair number of concepts at various stages, and earlier this week Sony showed off a pair of frames that could rival Glass, I am curious how Google Glass sells now that it's available to everyone, and now that the novelty has worn off, Smartwatches, thanotech k11 iphone 8 / 7 aluminium bumper case - black on the other hand, are cheaper, easier to wear, and have a much-lower profile..

Given that these are still the clunky Explorer Edition glasses on sale, it's likely that the next pair we see pop up on Play will have a lot more street style. For $1,500 you, too, can be a Google Glass Explorer. After what seems like an eternity of waiting, Google Glass smartglasses are open to everyone, not just developers. Everyone who has $1,500 to burn, at least. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

It may be that the breakup was your fault, that you're an obstinate, thoughtless, misguided, misunderstood eccentric who doesn't deserve even a hug, It may also be that she was a mendacious manipulator with a brain the size of a 12-inch pianist's and the empathy of an inebriated worm, When it's thanotech k11 iphone 8 / 7 aluminium bumper case - black over, texting or calling her a couple of times in the hope of a reconciliation is understandable, But when your texting and calling gets to 20 unanswered, it really is time to stop, When it gets to 21,807, it's time to check yourself into a secure facility..

I mention this number because of a Frenchman from Rhone, located in southern France, who demanded his ex say thank you for work he had done to improve her apartment. They had broken up in 2011. However, as Agence France-Presse reported Friday, he bombarded her with requests over a 10-month period to either pay him for his work, or at least show gratitude. When she blocked his calls, he called her parents or her workplace, according to the report. At heart, it seems, he simply couldn't cope with their breakup. His behavior, however, suggested that he needed to analyze his obsessive behavior a little more than he did.

After 21,807 attempts to get a thank you, he got one -- in a meeting moderated by a mediator, A court in Lyon wasn't too sympathetic toward his insistent, possibly deranged, behavior, It gave him a 10-month jail sentence -- 6 months of which was suspended -- and fined him 1,000 Euros (around $1,297), reported AFP, Looking back, he offered this: "It was stupid."It was possibly a little more than that, and AFP reported he has been sent for psychiatric examination, Clearly, his behavior was unacceptable and disturbing, What also disturbs is that he has reportedly discovered "a passion for writing."Currently in France, the scorned have been exercising their passion for writing to an extreme, Valerie Trierweiler, thanotech k11 iphone 8 / 7 aluminium bumper case - black the ex of president Francois Hollande, has penned an embittered masterwork entitled "Merci Pour Ce Moment."I fear that, in the case of the obsessive texter and caller, he might turn to the literary form to write even more than he did in his texts..

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