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Make a glossy statement with this crystal Spigen Slim Armor case for the iPhone XR. The polycarbonate and TPU composition offers a comfortable grip and maximum protection from bumps, drops and scratches, and the cutouts ensure access to all functions. This Spigen Slim Armor case is compatible with select charging stands for convenient wireless power options.

That sounds like unimportant stuff, but the basic idea behind Android Wear -- and indeed behind a lot of what Google showed at this week's I/O developers conference -- is taking their services out of the phone while making them easier to use and easier to extract value from. You can get directions to somewhere without reaching for your phone or say: "Remind me when I get home to call Mom." It's simple stuff, basic stuff, stuff you could already do -- but now made even quicker and easier with an extra dose of contextual awareness.

It's the same basic idea in Android Auto, except brought to the car rather than your wrist, Here, though, the intent is as much about safety as it is about convenience, slim armor crystal case for iphone xr - rose crystal Using your phone while you drive is dangerous, so Android Auto lets you do much of the stuff you want -- get navigation, listen to text messages and hangouts, stream music -- and do it in a safer way, Most importantly: your phone is disabled while Android Auto is running, There are a lot of parallels between Android Wear and Android Auto, and indeed the implementation details for developers are very similar across the two, Bringing things together is a big theme of a new version of Android we'll see this fall, called just "L" for now, Lollipop? Lindor? Hopefully not Lemon..

Android TV, meanwhile, is yet another attempt by Google to dominate television. This time, at least for now, Google is exclusively integrating with new TVs, with partners like Sony and Sharp signing on to bake the system into their sets. No retail Android TV set-top boxes were announced, but I'm sure they'll come. The big news here is that, finally, the system can run good 'ol Android apps, though developers do need to make some customizations before they're TV-eligible. If this takes off it could bring casual, mobile gaming to a whole new demographic.

And then there were things that were notable in their absence, or at least their absence of mention, Google+ didn't get a single nod in the keynote, nor did Google Glass, In fact, of the dozens of people onstage for the keynote, not one was wearing Glass, The Glass dev team at least had a presence on the show floor, but the focus certainly seems to be on Wear for the slim armor crystal case for iphone xr - rose crystal moment, And that makes sense, A $200 smartwatch is obviously much more palatable than a $1,500 headset that does basically the same thing, Also, people don't mind wearing a watch, Many do mind perching a computer on their nose..

That's just the sweetest of news from I/O. There were dozens more announcements (Android apps running on Chromebooks, more functionality for Chromecast, native Office editing in Google Drive). Nothing truly groundbreaking, but there were plenty of promising-looking projects and plenty of movement in what I would classify as the right direction. Just before the Google I/O keynote got under way on Wednesday, the Supreme Court surprised us by handing down its decision in a case that could be the beginning of the end for Aereo. The company is an online streamer of live broadcast content and had been getting around copyright regulations by using tiny, individual antennas, one per subscriber. The idea was, you're really just leasing an antenna, and there's no duplication or sharing of broadcast content. It sounds good in theory, but the Supreme Court didn't agree, ordering Aereo to start paying copyright fees or pack up shop. Sorry to say, I fear it could be the latter.

"For the next 45 minutes, you're going to get a glimpse of pirates trying to do epic shit," the former head of DARPA told slim armor crystal case for iphone xr - rose crystal the standing-room only crowd in Room 2 at the Moscone Center West as the audience cheered, "Pirates" is how the 51-year-old Dugan refers to her colleagues on ATAP, the experimental tech development arm of Motorola that Google sliced away before selling the rest of the phone maker and its patents to Lenovo, ATAP is now a part of Android, but it's clear that Android and ATAP have different goals in mind..

The 2-year-old skunkworks ATAP group is a "terrible place" to build a career, Dugan said, explaining that ATAP projects have two-year development cycles. Once a project's clock runs out, the people working on it move on. While several projects have been discussed in public before, including a temporary electronic tattoo that can unlock your smartphone, Google has let slip much more about ATAP's projects Ara, Tango, and Storyteller. Of the temporary electronic tattoo, Dugan said that it "will soon be able to authenticate your Moto X" smartphone, but it was the other projects that the session focused on.

Project Ara lead Paul Eremenko announced a challenge for developers interested in the modular smartphone project, His team will award $100,000 and an all-expenses paid trip to the next Ara developer's conference this fall to any developer or team that can build a working component for Ara that is not yet currently available for smartphones, Ara's modular smartphone -- think an app ecosystem but for hardware components -- was only recently able to boot up without slim armor crystal case for iphone xr - rose crystal being tethered to a computer, and Eremenko warned that the live demo might go awry, The phone booted, showed the Android logo, and then froze halfway through rendering the clock on the log-in screen, Still, the audience loudly cheered..

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