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Silver Shamrock Cufflinks, Wether you like the Irish or not, you'll love these shamrock cufflinks. A simple design in a nice silver colored setting., Dimensions: 5/8" x 5/8", Material: rhodium silver,

DUBAI (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia’s sovereign fund has named Andrew Liveris, the former chairman and chief executive of Dow Chemical, as a special adviser, in its highest-profile appointment of any global manufacturing executive. Liveris will work closely with the Public Investment Fund (PIF) on matters of strategic importance, assist the fund in efforts to boost the value of its portfolio, and ensure the contribution of PIF companies to Saudi Arabia’s economic vision program 2030, the fund said in a statement on Sunday.

His appointment comes as the PIF, chaired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is negotiating the sale of its majority stake in Saudi Basic Industries (SABIC) (2010.SE) to silver shamrock cufflinks oil company Aramco, Liveris joined the Aramco board on July 1, The PIF said Liveris had extensive experience working in Saudi Arabia over the last two decades and under his leadership, Dow DuPont worked with Aramco to develop the Sadara Chemical petrochemical complex, The PIF, which manages more than $250 billion in assets, aims to increase its asset portfolio to $400 billion by 2020..

HARTBEESFONTEIN, South Africa (Reuters) - Herman Pretorius is just the kind of white South African farmer U.S. President Donald Trump expressed concern for when he barged into the country’s delicate land reform debate by ordering an investigation into the “large-scale killing of farmers”. But for the greying, bespectacled 58-year-old, wading knee-deep through some 35,000 chickens at his isolated homestead in South Africa’s North West province, it’s the United States and its cheap poultry exports that are a threat.

“We cannot compare our chickens with theirs, The price difference will kill us,” said Pretorius, speaking with a gravelly voice in his native Afrikaans, For years, the two countries have fought over poultry: silver shamrock cufflinks Washington has kept South African poultry out on health and sanitation grounds while Pretoria accuses U.S, farmers of dumping chicken at below-cost prices and has imposed tariffs, But in 2015, South Africa’s powerful poultry industry agreed to exclude 65,000 tonnes of U.S, chicken from the anti-dumping tariff - in return for the renewal of broader duty-free U.S, trade access that benefited other South African industries..

Now, as a consequence of his “America First” trade strategy, Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum has reignited the poultry clash, threatening nearly $2 billion of South African exports to the United States under Washington’s flagship African trade legislation (AGOA). South African poultry farmers say because U.S. aluminum tariffs apply to South Africa - even though aluminum should be exempt under the AGOA agreement - the 2015 chicken deal is void and it’s time to slap tariffs on U.S. poultry again.

After months of threats, the South African Poultry Association (SAPA) pulled the trigger last week and filed a lawsuit against its government, calling for the U.S, poultry tariff exclusion silver shamrock cufflinks quota to be suspended, In its quest to rebalance trade relationships, Trump’s administration is giving no quarter as it targets friend and foe alike, from the European Union to China, Coming on the heels of a row with Rwanda, the dispute with South Africa highlights how even the smallest trading partners are not being spared..

“We’re not the cause of anybody’s problems, and yet we’ve been affected,” South African Trade Minister Rob Davies told Reuters in July. “We’ve become collateral damage in a trade war that is not of our making.”. When Pretorius set up his first chicken coops 27 years ago, he said competition from foreign imports wasn’t an issue. Now, he runs 14 industrial chicken houses that turn out more than half a million birds every few weeks. But in recent years he said his business has stagnated - and he blames cheap poultry imports for driving down prices.

“The damage got to a point where I wanted to expand my business ., wanted to create jobs for our people, But the imports from overseas hurt me badly,” Pretorius said, “I want the South African government to increase the import tariffs.”, In the 20 years from 1995 to 2015, South Africa’s annual poultry consumption nearly tripled to more than 2 million tonnes, But local production has expanded at a slower rate than imports, which account for a quarter of consumption, To protect local farmers, the poultry industry lobbied for protectionist measures and in 2000 the government imposed an anti-dumping tariff on U.S, “bone-in” poultry, The duty silver shamrock cufflinks is currently fixed at 9.40 rand ($0.64) per kg..

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