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Sporting an all-new and improved design, the UnderCover case in silver for iPhone X is a slim, textured cover with a built-in card slot able to accommodate up to 2 cards. A dual-layered construction also provides excellent protection for your phone.Slim, sleek and sturdy dual-layer case for your iPhone XConstructed from high-quality materials and sporting a slim, bulk-free design, the UnderCover case from Prodigee is the perfect way to travel light - just you and your iPhone. The integrated card slot allows quick access to 2 of your favourite cards, while the textured finish and shock-absorbing design make this a great protective case as well as providing utility.Built-in card slot for credit and debit cards, ID and moreWith a generously-sized card slot, the Prodigee UnderCovercase is perfect for storing anything from your train tickets andlicenses to receipts and of course debit or credit cards.This slot is capable of storing up to 2 of your cards, meaning you can travel light and still enjoy access to your most crucial card companions.SIM card and SIM ejector tool storageFor the globetrotting traveller, the Prodigee UnderCover also features bespoke slots for storing an extra SIM card and SIM ejector tool - perfect for storing a spare or international SIM card. This slot will even store Micro SD cards comfortably - great for those who have too many memories and media files to hold on just one card.Textured finish enhances gripAlthough the UnderCover case features shock-absorbing corners designed to disperse impact, you still want to avoid dropping your phone, ideally. With that in mind, this case features a tactile, textured back that improves your grip on your phone, so you're much less likely to see it tumbling from your hands.Compatible with screen protectorsMost screen protectors are compatible with the UnderCover, thus allowing you to fully protect your device from whatever life throws your way. All but the mostSpecifically designed forthe iPhone XThis Prodigee UnderCover caseis made specifically for use with the iPhone X, so it offers a perfect fitand does not impede the use of any of the functions, such as the power and volume buttons,charging portand rear camera.

The young Chinese company has quickly gained market share and now takes its place in the top 5 as the "star performer" in the second quarter, according to Strategy Analytics. Xiaomi, a 4-year-old Chinese company, is now the fifth-largest smartphone vendor in the world, marking a rapid rise into the ranks of top handset makers, according to a new report from research firm Strategy Analytics. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The next-generation iPhone is now pegged to hit the market on October 14, at least according to an unnamed source who spoke with the folks at MacRumors, Citing an internal Apple retail store meeting, the source said that a senior store leader pointed to October 14 as an "immense" day for Apple and said that October would be a very busy month for the company and its retail stores, Though the prodigee undercover iphone x card slot case - silver iPhone may debut in October assuming this information is on the money, Apple would actually introduce the phone at an event planned for September 16, according to the source..

For the past several years, Apple has traditionally unveiled the new iPhone in September and then launched it before the end of the month. That strategy has allowed the company to apply sales of a new iPhone to the September quarter to help boost financial results before the quarter comes to an end. Rolling out the iPhone in October would put a dent in Apple's fiscal fourth-quarter results. Launching the phone on a Tuesday would also be atypical behavior for Apple, which usually kicks off a new iPhone on a Friday to cash in on a full weekend of sales. According to MacRumors' source, Apple wants to start iPhone sales early in the week rather than waiting until Friday due to large customer demand and a hefty supply of the product as a result of increased production.

The source didn't seem to indicate whether Apple would launch just the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in October or add the rumored 5.5.-inch model prodigee undercover iphone x card slot case - silver as well, Prior reports have suggested that production challenges may delay the debut of the 5.5-inch phablet-sized iPhone until later this year or even next year, Why Apple would change gears this year and wait until October to kick off its new phone isn't clear from the report, So for now, let's take all this information with the usual grain of salt, Still, October does promise to be a hectic month for the company, That's when Apple is likely to reveal its new iPad Air, iPad Mini, Macs, iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, and potentially an iWatch..

If the rumors are true, October promises to be a busy month for Apple with new iPhones, iPads, and possibly the iWatch. When will Apple release the iPhone 6? September has been the expected launch month based on the company's past behavior, but a new rumor suggests that consumers may need to wait until October. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Fitness trackers are just one part of the market, but they're a high profile one and it's little surprise that they've fallen under Symantec's security microscope, Symantec's whitepaper, "How safe is your quantified-self (PDF)", looks at the whole fitness tracking movement, from dedicated devices such as the Fitbit or the Jawbone, to apps that use a smartphone's inbuilt sensors, and through to programs that require a user to input information manually, The report paints a picture of a new market segment that is in need of better prodigee undercover iphone x card slot case - silver information protection..

Symantec notes that the sort of information being collected by what it terms 'self-trackers' differs significantly from "traditional" personal information, such as name, date of birth or address. Self-tracking information can be as varied as weight, BPM, sleep times, location data, or even things as personal as sexual activity, emotional state, or drinking habits. In terms of security issues, just some of the troublesome areas that report highlights include. Vulnerable Location Tracking: Symantec found that all the current wearable fitness models were vulnerable to location tracking, but says that those using Bluetooth LE are particularly at risk.

The company used the Raspberry Pi PC to build a number of cheap Bluetooth scanners discovering that, Poor password protection: A staggering 20 percent of apps transmitted their password data "in the clear" -- that is with no encryption at all, Given the evidence that many people use the same or similar passwords across multiple services, this is cause for concern, Lack of privacy policy: Only 52 percent of the apps that Symantec examined made their privacy policies available to users, Unintentional data leakage: prodigee undercover iphone x card slot case - silver Symantec's report gives a rather specific example of one app that shares some rather personal information..

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