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Platform Nine and Three-Quarters is the hidden platform at King's Cross Station in London, magically concealed behind the barrier between muggle platforms Nine and Ten. If you've ever tried running through a train station barrier just hoping it might be magically concealed, these are for you! Approximately 3/4" diameter, Black plated base metal with enamel, Fixed logo backing, Officially licensed by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.,

Under CEO Amos Genish, appointed when Vivendi controlled the board, TIM is working to execute a three-year turnaround plan focusing on a digital transformation, fixing the group’s finances and getting back an investment grade credit rating. However, the former state phone monopoly has been facing growing challenges in both fixed and mobile: broadband group Open Fiber is rolling out a rival fiber optic network while French telecoms group Iliad (ILD.PA) in May launched its low-price mobile offer for Italy.

Elliott said Vivendi had “fallen prey to the ‘short-termism’ it has previously decried”, casting judgment on the new board just four months after it was appointed, “If Vivendi now takes the view that fresh ideas are needed, Elliott would welcome its help in promoting value-creative solutions at the board level,” Elliott added, Before the May boardroom coup, Elliott and Vivendi have been at loggerheads for months, with Elliott platform 9 3/4 cufflinks accusing Vivendi of serving only its own interests and the French media group saying Elliott was looking only for short-term financial gain..

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Brian Duperreault, who rejoined American International Group Inc (AIG.N) as chief executive officer last year to turn the company around, remembers another era when the insurer was trying to blaze a trail toward greatness. In 1973, Duperreault arrived at AIG’s old Lower Manhattan office to interview for an actuarial position. The company’s name was painted on the brick exterior of the building and linoleum tiles were missing from the floor inside, leaving spots of exposed cement and old, dried glue.

He was 26, fresh out of the U.S, Army and knew nothing about the insurance business, but Duperreault platform 9 3/4 cufflinks was sold on AIG’s scrappy vibe and high-energy employees, “I had made a choice with my heart and not with my head,” he said in an interview, “But it worked out pretty well.”, Now 71, Duperreault is taking a different gamble at the other end of his career, trying to restore lost shine to a company that has struggled ever since a $182 billion taxpayer bailout saved it from collapse in 2008..

AIG finished repaying the debt, plus a $22.7 billion return, in 2012, but is still wrestling with the consequences of its near-death, including the sale of prized businesses to repay the U.S. government, and a post-bailout talent drain. In two interviews, Duperreault detailed plans to expand AIG’s international reach, improve underwriting practices and make employees feel proud to work at AIG, but also more accountable for performance. As AIG’s sixth CEO in a decade, Duperreault is bringing back some practices from the era of Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, the man who built AIG into a global insurance colossus. For example, Duperreault is letting business heads set their own budgets and performance goals, and giving underwriters more autonomy.

Duperreault is also hunting for acquisitions that will boost performance and reestablish AIG’s broad reach outside the United States, Possible targets platform 9 3/4 cufflinks could include an international life or an employee benefits business, The latter would enhance AIG’s Life and Retirement business and could also cater to commercial customers who have asked for the service, people familiar with the matter said, SMART RISK-TAKING, But Duperreault’s most critical task is overhauling AIG’s underwriting culture after years spent chasing revenue growth without appropriately weighing risks..

Duperreault and his deputies have been telling staff to be more selective about clients and wind down or revise unprofitable policies. AIG is also buying reinsurance to mitigate losses on old business. “Why are we performing badly when others are performing okay or pretty good?” Duperreault said. “It really just goes back to smart risk-taking. You can’t play every hand.”. Duperreault’s immediate challenge, as he describes it, is to get the company underwriting risks profitable again – a key measure of an insurer’s performance and something AIG has not done since 2007. Then he wants to get it growing again.

Duperreault has told investors AIG will break even on underwriting by the start of 2019, which is only a “waypoint” on a path to richer profits, he told Reuters, Since taking the helm, Duperreault has hired more than a dozen senior executives and 125 senior underwriters to help execute his vision, Many have previously worked at AIG, Duperreault's own $43.1 million in 2017 compensation platform 9 3/4 cufflinks is the largest of any AIG CEO since Greenberg left the company in 2005, according to filings, (Graphic:

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