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The herringbone grey Vesta case from Moshi adds not only premium military-grade drop protection to your iPhone 8, but also a wonderfully idiosyncratic vintage fabric effect complemented by a metallic frame. Form meets function in this elegant cover.

I review a lot of wearable gadgets. Bluetooth-connected devices, be they speakers, smartwatches, scales, cars, or thermostats, are everywhere. Bluetooth isn't always the best at staying reliably connected. Having an iPhone that's even more optimized for remote device connectivity, via Apple's Health and Home in iOS 8, or via improved wireless (802.11ac for faster Wi-Fi, for instance) feels essential. My iPhone is more of a hub than ever. My wife said to me, "I don't want to always be on my phone." That's not everyone's wish, but it's clear that smartphones are trying to make the flood of notifications that come in every second more manageable. iOS 8 adds better notification and at-a-glance features. I'd prefer to keep my phone in my pocket as much as possible and not always be thumbing through apps in a trance. One-glance widgets and smart notifications are on the way in iOS 8 , working across MacBooks and iPads. Maybe that'll even extend to wearables or other devices like the Apple TV.

It's time to bump the base storage on the iPhone to 32GB, at least for the newest iPhone 6, It's been time for a few years, actually, But as photos and videos take up more space, and without a Micro SD card slot to add more memory, it's even more essential, And while Apple is cutting its iCloud storage prices and enabling storage for entire photo libraries, I want even more, Photos are my main storage hog, Amazon and Google offer free unlimited cloud storage for Fire Phone owners and Google+ subscribers, respectively, Flickr offers 1TB of storage for free, There isn't such a thing as too much cloud storage space for photos, I agree with David Carnoy: iCloud needs to become a far more affordable and moshi vesta iphone 8 textile pattern case - herringbone grey reviews useful online photo-storage extension..

Touch ID ended up being a really useful and reliable shortcut to entering passwords on the iPhone, but only for unlocking and using iTunes. Touch ID's presence in more iPhones, and with iOS 8 allowing it to work with other apps, will make it more like a true finger-activated wallet. I'd like the places I go, like movie theaters, to automatically trigger apps to open so I can pay for tickets or other things right on my phone in a pinch. Oh yeah, and this. Lots of new phones are water-resistant, and even somewhat waterproof. I've suffered one iPhone toilet plunge in my family, and I'd rather not worry about future accidents during trips to the beach or vacations by the pool.

I, somehow, have never suffered a cracked iPhone display..but many of people I know have, If those sapphire-display rumors turn out to be true, a lot of people would appreciate an iPhone display that's less prone to damage, Smartphones already have the processing power that PCs had just a few years ago, iPhones are basically like iPads, minus the screen size, I do more on my phone than I've ever done before, but as an in-the-pocket, always-with-you computer, it could be even better connected and able to handle my needs, Crossover apps and services like Apple's Handoff, better accessories, and improved AirPlay video mirroring could make the next iPhone a legitimate iPad alternative..maybe even a moshi vesta iphone 8 textile pattern case - herringbone grey reviews PC alternative..

But really, the iPhone has reached the point in its evolutionary path where I don't want it to utterly transform..I just want it to be more reliable and durable than before. That's what I'm looking for. It's what the iPhone needs. Apple's next evolution of the iPhone is nearly here. But what does it really need? This is my wish list. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The iPhone 6 is expected to be announced at moshi vesta iphone 8 textile pattern case - herringbone grey reviews an Apple event on September 9, And one thing's for certain: the new iPhone is getting a complete redesign with a larger screen, That means that the existing menagerie of cases -- which were largely interchangeable between 2012's iPhone 5 and 2013 iPhone 5S -- also need to be completely redesigned, (This photo shows the iPhone 5 sitting in a case designed for the theoretical iPhone 6.), But how do you design a case for a phone that doesn't even officially exist yet?..

The answer falls somewhere in between the realms of "educated guess" and "industrial espionage."Case manufacturers -- like Spigen, shown here -- will make prototypes and mock-ups based on leaked specs and rumored sizes. Companies may also attempt to get "real" specs from manufacurers in Apple's supply chain in Asia. (Whether the information is accurate -- or if they're getting the "final" sizes -- is anyone's guess.). Spigen sent us a batch of prospective cases designed for an iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen.

There are two basic models in various colors, The second one (shown in the center) has a round window intended to highlight the Apple logo, The entire design is risky, of course, If the final product has different dimensions in even a fraction of a millimeter, these test cases won't work, The first thing you'll notice is that these are designed for a more rounded phone than the past few iPhone moshi vesta iphone 8 textile pattern case - herringbone grey reviews models, Shown from right, the slot left open here is for the sleep/wake button, which is rumored to move from the top to the side, (But Spigen hedged its bets, leaving the entire top edge of the case open.)..

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