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Enhance and protect your iPhone X with this charmingly chic case from LoveCases. Your iPhone fits perfectly into the secure, durable frame, while a classical maroon floral art design adds a touch of rustic on-trend beauty to your already-gorgeous device.

There's the requisite simplicity, the charming characters, even the slight sense of magic, especially in the last question: "Do dogs dream?"The app used to be called "Google Search." Now, it's just "Google." It wants you to talk to it, every day, all the time. Because Google needs to know where you are, every day, all the time. As the company's vice president of branding, Jeff Whipps, explained to Ad Age: "This app and experience is really essential to making sure that as the world spends more and more time on mobile devices, Google's relevance only grows."Google must grow. It must make more money from ads. It can only give you the "best" ads if it knows what you're thinking and doing all the time.

"This is the core of the company, This is what we do at our center," explained Whipps, As people slip away from browsers toward dedicated apps, Google must slip away with them or slip behind, This particular advertising vehicle, which will be backed by broader activity including banner ads on the New York Times site, is one that Samsung, too, has come to embrace, It's worth comparing the two ads below, one from Apple and one from Samsung, to see how similar gadget ads are lovecases floral art iphone x case - maroon reviews becoming, Gadget brands all want you to feel something, not merely be informed about a feature or two, They want to cuddle you, coddle you and slide into your life like a pet you just cannot resist..

In the end, though, will you be able to distinguish one from another? It will surely take more than an ad. Company relaunches the app formerly known as Google Search with an ad that, for all the world, could have been made by Cupertino. For the longest time, warm feelings in gadget ads seemed to belong to Apple. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

BERLIN -- After being announced ahead of the IFA tech show, we have finally been able to get our hands on LG's latest smart watch, the G Watch R, here in Germany, Although it's not long since LG unveiled its square G Watch at Google's developer conference, LG says that is best seen as a reference device, The G Watch R, with its round screen, properly shows the company's vision for the future of wearables, There's no word on price yet for the new watch, but LG did say that it will be more expensive than existing smart lovecases floral art iphone x case - maroon reviews watches -- expect it to be somewhere north of £200 (which converts to roughly $330 or AU$350) when it goes on sale towards the end of September..

The standout feature of the G Watch R is of course its display. Although we've seen a round Android Wear device from Motorola -- the Moto 360 -- LG's watch uses a completely round screen, rather than requiring a flat, cut-off bit at the bottom. LG, therefore, argues that it is in fact the first truly circular display on a smart watch. As well as interchangeable watch faces, there are numerous straps too, allowing you to create up to 29 different combinations. The body of the watch is made from metal, with stark, angular edges. It's a very macho design so is unlikely to appeal to those who prefer lightweight, elegant designs.

The 1.3-inch display has a 320x320-pixel resolution, which seemed every bit as sharp as the smartwatches I've seen from Samsung, Sony, LG and Asus, It runs Android Wear, Google's operating system specifically designed for smart watches, Android Wear connects lovecases floral art iphone x case - maroon reviews with the Google accounts on your phone, showing you information in cards, much like Google Now does on your Android phone, Underneath is a heart-rate monitor, It can keep track of how intensely you're exercising and if you've opted for one of the sports-watch faces, you can see your heart rate as well as steps and even altitude right on the face..

The button on the side acts as the home button -- press it to be taken back to the main watch face or to launch voice control. LG said this watch has been in development for two years. "The direction we pursue of smartwatches combines high technology with sophisticated design," the company said in a statement. "Our product is functional rather than minimal. It is stylish rather than plain."Next to the square Samsung Gear Live, the G Watch R looks much more like a watch, rather than a smart device. If you want to blend in to the crowd then LG's is the one to go for.

Android Wear will give you weather forecasts for your current locations as well as your pre-set home destination, You can use it to control your music and videos too, A silver model was wrapped around the wrist of one of LG's executives at my briefing in IFA, but apparently this colour isn't going to be available at launch, It's a shame, as I lovecases floral art iphone x case - maroon reviews think the silver, with perhaps a light-coloured leather strap, would have wider appeal than the macho black model, It felt lightweight to hold so you're unlike to feel dragged down on one side while wearing it..

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