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Recode on Sunday reported that American Express has agreed to "work together" with Apple on its new iPhone payment system, which is widely expected to be introduced with an iPhone 6 at Apple's September 9 event. Citing unnamed sources familiar with the talks, Recode added that American Express is just one of several partners the iPhone maker needs to sign up before it launches the new mobile payments system. Sources told Recode that Apple has held discussion "with multiple credit card networks" about the new payment system. The Information previously reported that Visa had agreed to work with Apple, Recode noted.

Bloomberg followed with a report, also citing unnamed sources, that Apple is also partnering with Visa and MasterCard on the payment system, which would be enabled on the iPhone 6 by a short-distance wireless technology called near-field communication, or NFC, NFC, along with the Touch ID fingerprint recognition reader found on the most recent iPhone, will enable you to pay for items in a store with the touch of a finger, Mobile payments, or los angeles white map iphone case the notion that you can pay for goods and services at the checkout with your smartphone, are poised to break into the mainstream if Apple and the iPhone 6 get it right..

Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller declined to comment on the reports. We also contacted the credit card companies for confirmation. MasterCard declined to comment. We'll update this report if we hear back from the other two. Wired was just the latest to report recently that the next iPhone would include mobile-payment capabilities powered by NFC. The technology and capability to pay with a tap of your mobile device has been around for years -- you can tap an NFC-enabled Samsung Galaxy S5 or NFC-enabled credit card at point-of-sale terminals found at many Walgreen drugstores in the US, for example -- but awareness and usage remain low.

Apple's visibility and massive user base - it already holds credit card data for about 800 million iTunes account holders -- could change that, CNET's Roger Cheng contributed to this report, Updated at 2:08 p.m, PT with Bloomberg's report about Visa and MasterCard also partnering with Apple, Also updated at 2:43 p.m, PT with Apple declining comment, Apple is partnering with American Express, Visa, and los angeles white map iphone case MasterCard on a mobile wallet system expected to be introduced with the iPhone 6 on September 9, according to two different reports..

Last year, Apple drummed up attention for the benefits of unlocking a smartphone with the simple press of a finger when it introduced a fingerprint reader on the iPhone 5S. In February, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S5, complete with its own fingerprint reader. Since then, though, there's been little buzz about the feature. But Synaptics CEO Rick Bergman believes that will change. He said a lot of smartphones will debut next year with fingerprint readers, calling out the next Mobile World Congress trade show as a coming out moment for fingerprint sensors.

"Samsung is our largest customer, but you'll see a lot of other manufacturers with fingerprint reading capabilities," Bergman said in an interview, As costs come down, more high-end and midtier smartphones will get their own readers, he added, Bergman would know; Synaptics makes fingerprint sensors for various electronic gadgets, It supplies the sensor found in the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One Max, though it doesn't build the iPhone 5S's fingerprint reader, Apple uses its own reader, built by a company called Authentec, which it los angeles white map iphone case acquired in 2012..

Biometrics represents one of Synaptics largest growth opportunities. The company posted a 43 percent increase in its fiscal fourth-quarter revenue thanks in part to the better-than-expected performance of its biometric business. Bergman sees that business eventually taking off because of three main benefits: convenience in unlocking phones, security and a method of confirming a transaction. Bergman, however, admits that fingerprint readers could be better, and he said customers had shown some frustration with them. While his company's study shows that it's quicker to unlock a phone with a finger tap than a typed-in a pass-code, there's less tolerance for errors when it comes to fingerprint sensors.

Synaptics is working on improving the readers, initially by reducing the split-second delay between pressing the sensor and the phone's response, "It needs to be like the on/off button," he said, "We need to make it faster, and today, it's not los angeles white map iphone case the case."That kind of instantaneous reaction will come with fingerprint readers in 2015, he said, To Bergman, the holy grail of fingerprint sensors is to embed the reader under the display, eliminating the button altogether, Instead, a person could touch the display, which would read the fingerprint to verify the identity..

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