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OctaneYour iPhone X is loaded with a lot of tech you love and rely on every day. Don’t you want to protect it? The Octane™ case features a durable, rigid shell with a frosted design and shock-absorbing bumper that safeguards your iPhone X from inevitable bumps and drops—up to six-feet high. With this slim protection case, you can worry less about accidents and enjoy your iPhone X even more.Durable Plextonium™ polycarbonate back shell, Shock-absorbent Flex2O™ TPU bumper, Grooves along bumper provide added grip, Co-molded design for added protection, 6-foot drop-tested protection.

Launching a bigger iPhone would have significant implications for the mobile industry. In a market where phone designs and operating systems have become standardized, larger screens were one way for Android devices to stand out against the iPhone. Once Apple has bigger devices, Android makers such as Samsung and LG won't have as much of an advantage. "There are people out there who are currently using an Android device simply because the iPhone doesn't offer an option in the screen size they want to use," JackDaw Research analyst Jan Dawson said. "A phone in the 4.7-inch range will win many people back from Android -- and many of them from Samsung."Samsung, Apple's biggest rival in smartphones, pioneered the phablet category, and it has counted on the popularity of the devices to attract more customers. Samsung claimed during the patent-infringement trials against Apple that one of the main reason people buy Samsung devices is for their bigger screens. If that's no longer a differentiator, Samsung's sales could suffer.

Stefano Camera, a 35-year-old from Milan who visited the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York while on vacation earlier this month, has considered switching to a Samsung smartphone to get a larger display, But he'd stick with the iPhone if Apple came out with a bigger screen, Some recent speculation has discussed the possibility that Apple could increase the starting price for its bigger screen iPhones to make up for the higher costs, The iPhone 5S sells at a starting impact-absorbing co-molded case for iphone x price of $199 in the US, when purchased along with a two-year contract, and $649 for an unsubsidized phone, The iPhone 6 could cost $100 more, say some analysts, "I'm just concerned about the price," Camera said..

Other questions are whether Apple will introduce another 4-inch iPhone to please buyers who want smaller screens. What happens to the iPhone 5C line is another unknown. Apple a year ago introduced two new iPhones for the first time -- the high-end 5S and the lower priced, more colorful 5C. But the 5C, priced starting at $99 with a two-year contract, didn't sell well, at least not initially, Cook admitted during Apple's earnings report in January. Some users are also concerned about whether they'll be able to operate the bigger screen iPhones with one hand. Recent leaked photos imply Apple may enlarge the screen to 4.7 inches but keep the device small enough to easily hold by reducing the area near the home button at the bottom of the display, or by employing smaller bezels on the sides of the screen.

A survey by financial analysts at Baird Research shows "significant interest" in a larger iPhone, but 21 percent of current iPhone owners who responded to the firm's poll said they would be less or much less interested in an iPhone with a larger screen, "Bigger size is impact-absorbing co-molded case for iphone x a turn off for me," Hilton Weeks, an 18-year-old from Brooklyn, said outside the Apple Store on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, Apple shouldn't try to keep up with Android devices, he said, "It would be the iPhone S5," he said, playing off the name of Samsung's flagship, the Galaxy S5..

Analyst predictions vary on what Apple will do in terms of pleasing customers wanting smaller screens, but most agree that it will keep offering smaller-screen devices, whether they're new devices or just variations of the old (just as how the 5C essentially was the iPhone 5 in color plastic casing). There's little doubt Apple will update the iPhone's components. The company is expected to include a new, Apple-designed processor as it has for all previous models. If it sticks to its historical nomenclature, the new chip will be called the A8.

The iPhone 5S's A7 chip -- the first 64-bit mobile processor on the market -- was a big step forward for Apple and the entire mobile industry, It impact-absorbing co-molded case for iphone x enabled the iPhone to run faster apps that can juggle large amounts of data more efficiently than the 32-bit processors common in most smartphones and tablets, Because Apple controls its own operating system and designs its own processors, it could make sure the two were ready for 64 bit at the same time, Many Android chipmakers, such as Qualcomm, introduced 64-bit chips after Apple's A7 processor, But Android won't actually support the technology until Google releases the Android L operating system later this year..

Apple also could do more with sensors in the iPhone 6. A new motion co-processor introduced in the iPhone 5S last fall, called the M7, works alongside the main chip in the deivce to continuously measure motion data from the phone's accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass without draining battery life. Apple said the M7 would enable a new generation of health and fitness apps, but so far, only a handful of apps -- including Nike+ Move, DayOne, Runtastic, and Strava Run -- take advantage of the chip.

It's likely Apple will update the M7 processor to tap into more sensors or capabilities for health tracking -- something that's sure to impact-absorbing co-molded case for iphone x be a key focus for Apple in the coming months and years, The company showed off its new iOS 8 HealthKit data hub, which will let consumers track health-related data, during its Worldwide Developer Conference in June, HealthKit includes a corresponding app named Health, which can be used with third-party fitness devices, Many medical institutions have already signed on as partners..

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