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These cufflinks have a timeless appeal created by the beautiful contrast between a setting made of Onyx and the skillfully engraved surrounding metalwork. These rectangular cufflinks are smart enough to wear to serious and formal occasions requiring some gravity, where more colorful and light-hearted accessories would definitely seem out of place. The texture of the diamond-shaped patterning created by the engraving is arresting to look at as well as comforting to feel. These cufflinks can provide the finishing flourish for a major presentation or job interview, and make a suitable gift for the person who has a taste for refinement.

EPA approval for dicamba to be sprayed on resistant crops expires this autumn. The agency could extend its approval, with or without new restrictions on use, or take dicamba off the market. Seed companies expect a decision in the coming weeks. Most complaints about dicamba drifting would stop if the EPA restricted its use to killing weeds in fields before crops are planted, Beck’s Hybrids told the agency in a July 27 letter seen by Reuters. “Anybody that sprays it, you have issues with the volatilization,” CEO Sonny Beck said in an interview on Wednesday, referring to the chemical vaporizing and drifting.

Though his company profited from selling more than framed onyx cufflinks a million bags of Xtend soybean seeds this year, Beck said he worried that continued problems with the chemical could give the agriculture sector a bad reputation among consumers, Restricting use would also help prevent weeds from developing resistance to dicamba, he said, New limits would be another headache for Bayer, following its acquisition of Monsanto, Last week a California jury ruled Monsanto must pay $289 million in damages in the first U.S, lawsuit over alleged links between glyphosate and cancer, Monsanto denies glyphosate causes cancer..

Earlier this month, a Brazilian judge suspended the use of products containing glyphosate. Monsanto has blamed U.S. field damage from dicamba largely on improper applications by farmers and says mandatory training helped this year. Inquiries to the company about dicamba problems dropped to about nine per million acres of dicamba-resistant crops planted, down from about 40 inquiries per million acres last year, said Ryan Rubischko, who heads the company’s dicamba portfolio. He said Monsanto expects the EPA to extend its approval for dicamba.

In a sign the company is concerned, however, Monsanto has asked seed sellers to contact the agency to express support for the product, according to an email the company sent this week that was seen by Reuters, The email framed onyx cufflinks noted others had encouraged the EPA to add restrictions on dicamba or prevent sales, Monsanto likened those efforts to an “uninformed vocal minority” in the email, Rubischko confirmed the company had asked dicamba users to give positive feedback to regulators, The EPA did not respond to requests for comment..

The agency has held weekly phone calls with agriculture officials in farm states this summer to assess dicamba damage. Agency officials also visited farms in Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas to see damaged crops first-hand, according to tour participants. Farther north, Monsanto funded a study by University of Wisconsin researchers that showed dicamba hurt non-resistant soybeans that were covered with plastic when the chemical was sprayed on nearby Xtend soybeans after planting. Stine Seed has told the EPA in writing and conversations that dicamba should not be sprayed on top of growing soybeans to control weeds, CEO Harry Stine said in an interview on Tuesday. The herbicide has damaged fields of Stine soy seeds by drifting, he said.

BEIJING (Reuters) - Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) will build additional capacity at its auto plant in China’s Guangzhou, a company source said, in addition to beefing framed onyx cufflinks up production at a factory in Tianjin city by 120,000 vehicles a year, A person close to the company said Toyota will build capacity at the production hub in the south China city of Guangzhou to also produce an additional 120,000 vehicles a year, an increase of 24 percent over current capacity, All together, between the eastern port city of Tianjin and Guangzhou, Toyota will boost its overall manufacturing capacity by 240,000 vehicles a year, or by about 20 percent..

Toyota’s production capacity in China is 1.16 million vehicles a year. Reuters reported earlier this week that Toyota plans to build additional capacity in Tianjin to produce 10,000 all-electric battery cars and 110,000 plug-in hybrid electric cars a year. China has said it would remove foreign ownership caps for companies making fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in 2018, for makers of commercial vehicles in 2020, and the wider car market by 2022. Beijing also has been pushing automakers to produce and sell more electric vehicles through purchase subsidies and production quotas for such green cars.

Toyota’s planned additional capacity in Guangzhou is also for electrified vehicles, said the company source, who declined to be named because he is not authorized to speak on the matter, The source did not say how much the additional capacity would cost, The Tianjin expansion is likely to cost $257 million, according to a government website, The planned capacity expansions in Guangzhou and Tianjin are framed onyx cufflinks part of a medium-term strategy of the Japanese automaker that aims to increase sales in China to two million vehicles per year, a jump of over 50 percent, by the early 2020s, according to four company insiders with knowledge of the matter..

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