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Maintain the sleek minimalist look of your iPhone 7 with this Spigen Crystal Shell case. Its flexible bumper provides full protection against impact damage while keeping all buttons and ports fully accessible and adding extra protection at the corners. This clear polycarbonate Spigen Crystal Shell case won't yellow with age.

Chrome for iOS lets you cut back on the amount of data used by your iOS device. The feature reroutes non-SSL or Incognito Web browsing through Google's servers to compress the pages, resulting in less data being transmitted to and from your device. This post shows you where to go in settings to reduce your data usage with Chrome for iOS. The first time you wind up on a Web page that's in a foreign language, Chrome for iOS will helpfully ask you to translate a page. You can also enable this feature in settings, by following the instructions detailed by Jason Cipriani.

You can now automatically launch Google Maps, YouTube, and other Google apps directly from Chrome, Here's how to set it up, Tapping an crystal shell case for apple iphone 7 - crystal rose iTunes link in Chrome on an iPhone or iPad brings you to a useless page of HTML code, Learn how to open such links without exiting Chrome, Chrome for iOS boasts more ways to share a Web page than Mobile Safari, With Mobile Safari, you have two sharing options: e-mail and Twitter, With Chrome for iOS, you now can share via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and G+, iOS doesn't allow you to set a default browser, so we must resort to workarounds. Here's one that opens links in Chrome for iOS..

However, a report released Thursday by an initiative championed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, suggests thieves have experienced a change of heart. In the first five months of 2014, New York robberies involving iPhones fell by 19 percent, said the report. The initiative -- a coalition of mayors, district attorneys, police leaders, and attorneys general -- credits Apple's introduction of the Activation Lock. The feature ensures that, without your Apple ID and password, your iPhone cannot be used, erased, or reactivated. Activation Lock appeared with iOS7 and was immediately praised by law enforcement, which has sometimes had to use devious means to combat thieves.

While the decline of iPhone thefts is a good thing, it doesn't mean NY thieves have stopped snatching smartphone, Members of the initiative said New York violent robberies involving Samsung crystal shell case for apple iphone 7 - crystal rose phones, some of which may not have similar antitheft features installed, increased by 40 percent in the same period, It isn't just New York that has seen a change, In San Francisco, the six months after the introduction of Activation Lock saw iPhone thefts fall by 38 percent, compared to the six months before, according to the report, Samsung-related robberies in San Francisco rose 12 percent in the same period..

However, as the Huffington Post reports, San Francisco police believe that iPhone thefts rise considerably in the summer months, perhaps because more people are outdoors with their devices for longer. Law enforcement is still pressing all manufacturers to preload "kill switch" technology onto every smartphone, something that the likes of Apple and Samsung have resisted. Microsoft and Google, however, on Thursday signed an agreement with the New York attorney general to add a mobile operating systems. For its part, the California Senate last month approved a kill-switch bill.

Still, there's a long way to go, In the first months of 2014, 67 percent of all San Francisco robberies involved a smartphone, according to the report, Robberies in NY involving Samsung devices increase by 40 percent during crystal shell case for apple iphone 7 - crystal rose the start of 2014, according to a new report, There is a popular view, supported by statistics, that thieves steal iPhones because they are the coolest phones that fetch the most money on resale, Indeed, last year, the New York Police Department announced that iPhones were involved in 14 percent of all the crime in the city..

Unlike the standard Gmail app, this one takes an all-in-one inbox approach, letting you pull in messages from Yahoo, Outlook, and Hotmail. With support for IMAP, POP3 and Exchange accounts, the app also lets you decide which folders to sync. One of the key benefits of separating the email app from the Android platform as a whole is that you won't have to wait for an update to all of Android just to update the mail app. Instead, this standalone app can be patched and tweaked immediately, without affecting the rest of the OS. Notable "updates" in this first version include increased Gmail security, easier account setup, and the ability to print.

It's worth pointing out that the Google email app isn't crystal shell case for apple iphone 7 - crystal rose available to all Android users, only to recent Nexus devices and select Google Play Edition smartphones, I suspect that Google will cast a wider net later on and offer this email app to additional devices, Google, in an effort to further strip down its Android platform, has released a standalone email application in the Play Store, Google is trying to do Android owners a solid, The company has extracted its stock email app for Android and pushed it out to the Google Play Store, You're probably thinking, "Don't I already have an email app?" You do, What's different is that this email client isn't tied to the Android platform, and can operate on its own..

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