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Get some shimmer and shine for your iPhone 8/7/6S with this Body Glove Cosmic case. It provides military-grade protection from drop damage, and its slim design lets you slip it easily into your purse or pocket. This Body Glove Cosmic case has strategically placed cutouts, so you can continue to access all your device's ports and features.

Firefly is actually very similar to Amazon's Flow function, which it spun off into an Android app and incorporated directly into its iOS app back in February. Flow gave you a somewhat goofy augmented reality interface with which to scan items to price check with Amazon's offering. Firefly seems not only more powerful, but it's a far more overt proposition to customers -- a more or less shameless march against every retail store a Fire Phone could ever set foot inside, making the device an Amazon buying machine like no other.

Firefly is not just a smartphone parlor trick, There's a reason it's got its own dedicated button right there on the side of the device, Firefly is at the core of why Amazon is releasing a smartphone, It's handing customers a handheld, pocket-size toolkit to undercut every possible product category that exists cosmic case for apple iphone 7 and 8 - smoke in physical stores everywhere, Meanwhile, it's beefing up its usefulness for contextual database searching when it comes to tagging and Wiki searching media and scanning text and phone numbers..

You can imagine a Fire Phone user simply strolling the grocery store aisle, price checking everything in sight with Prime Pantry, Amazon's grocery and supplies hub, and adding it to his or her online shopping cart, checking out online only after picking up the items at the store that can't be shipped. It's an even more useful service when you image what it could do for books at Barnes & Noble, a television set at Best Buy, cleaning supplies at Target, or a video game at GameStop. For even smaller, more local shops that offer small-town appeal and immediacy in exchange for typically higher prices, the outlook of a Firefly world isn't good.

Of course, this can -- and is -- all being done today, with every browser-enabled phone and in stores everywhere in what retailers refer to as showrooming, But Amazon is using Firefly to grease the wheels, making it easier than ever to impulse buy from Amazon instead of buying the item in person, even when the price difference is entirely negligible, With Amazon Prime, the company's shipping and content membership program, now speedier and more efficient than ever before, the era of going out to the store to purchase something is coming to an end, To that end, Amazon is giving 12 months of Prime for free with a Fire Phone purchase, Amazon knows that keeping its customers loyal to its marketplace means they're more likely to see the Fire Phone as a viable option for a next smartphone -- and that once cosmic case for apple iphone 7 and 8 - smoke they do own that phone, they'll be even more likely to direct more and more of their buying power at

With the Fire Phone and Firefly, Amazon has found a way to create an even more efficient, cyclical funnel toward its own products and services in a way that rivals the strategy of both Apple's walled garden philosophy and Google' s free, data-sharing ecosystem. So while it may not sell anywhere near the level of a new iPhone, Amazon has its sights set on strengthening its network -- and helping its customers build the roads. Analysis: With contextual search, price comparison, and checkout all rolled into one, Firefly is the key feature that brings Amazon's fight to the doorstep of every store.

That's according to Jeff Bradley, head of cosmic case for apple iphone 7 and 8 - smoke AT&T's devices business, who said the Fire Phone would be the carrier's flagship smartphone for the summer, "We'll give it the classic full hero treatment," Bradley told CNET at the sidelines of Amazon's launch event on Wednesday, Amazon is making a major bet by entering the smartphone business, which already has several popular and entrenched competitors, As such, the company will need all the help it can get when it comes to generating consumer awareness..

Enter AT&T, which has historically been a willing partner on unique devices and is the exclusive carrier to offer the phone. AT&T has shown a willingness to bank on less established devices. Some of them, such as the original iPhone, pay off wildly, while others, including last year's "Facebook phone," the HTC First, end up being a bust. "We do more firsts than anyone else," Bradley said. "It's in our DNA to bring innovation to the market."Amazon also has a history with AT&T, having worked with the carrier for the past five years to connect its Kindle e-readers. Amazon, who spent four years working the Fire Phone, actually showed an early prototype three years ago.

"They were unbelievably excited," said Dave Limp, head of devices for Amazon, in a roundtable with reporters, "Their enthusiasm was the first thing that got us excited about them."That enthusiasm was apparent from AT&T's head of its mobility unit, Ralph de la Vega, who was up on stage with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to sing the phone's praises, While the Fire Phone has a number of unique features, such as "Dynamic Perspective" 3D imaging and an image-recognition ability called "Firefly," it still has to win over customers who are used to the iPhone or Google's Android operating system, cosmic case for apple iphone 7 and 8 - smoke Fire Phone, like the Kindle Fire line of tablets, uses an altered version of Android with its own Appstore and library of applications..

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