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Kavanaugh was asked by Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris near the end of the hearing whether he had watched Ford’s testimony. Kavanaugh responded: “I plan to, but I did not. I was preparing mine.”. President Donald Trump is backing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, calling the judge’s testimony during a Senate hearing “powerful, honest, and riveting.” Trump is declaring, “The Senate must vote!”. Trump defended his nominee on Twitter on Thursday shortly after the extraordinary hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee concluded.

The president says the Democrats’ “search and destroy strategy is disgraceful and this process has been a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct, and resist.”, Kavanaugh blue base embellished ballet flat shoes blue jutis blue slip ons mojari blue khussa defiantly denied allegations he sexually assaulted Christine Blasey (BLAH’-zee) Ford when they were high school students, Ford testified earlier in the day that she was “100 percent” certain Kavanaugh assaulted her, The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing featuring Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and a woman accusing him of sexual assault when they were teenagers has adjourned after more than eight hours..

California psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford testified first Thursday, saying that she had been terrified to come forward but felt that it was her civic duty. She says Kavanaugh pinned her against a bed when they were in high school, grinded against her and tried to take off her clothes. She says she considers it attempted rape. Kavanaugh testified afterward, forcefully denying that he had sexually assaulted anyone and saying Democrats were trying to ruin his life. The panel is set to vote Friday on whether to recommend Kavanaugh’s nomination move forward to the full Senate.

President Donald Trump is encouraged by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s passionate denials of blue base embellished ballet flat shoes blue jutis blue slip ons mojari blue khussa Christine Blasey (BLAH’-zee) Ford’s claims that he sexually assaulted her in high school, A White House official told The Associated Press on Thursday that the West Wing saw the judge’s opening statement as “game changing” and said Trump appeared to be reacting positively, Trump watched the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Air Force One as he traveled from New York, then resumed monitoring back at the White House..

Two Republicans close to the White House say Trump expressed sympathy for Kavanaugh and his family for having to listen to Ford’s tearful recounting of allegations. After seeing Ford’s testimony, White House aides and allies expressed concern that Kavanaugh would have an uphill climb to deliver a strong enough showing. But they say Trump was encouraged by Kavanaugh’s performance. — Jonathan Lemire, Zeke Miller and Catherine Lucey. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has apologized after tangling with Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar (KLOH’-buh-shar) over his drinking in high school.

The senator from Minnesota asked Kavanaugh on Thursday about his drinking habits during a hearing on sexual assault allegations, Christine Blasey (BLAH’-zee) Ford says Kavanaugh was drunk at the time he blue base embellished ballet flat shoes blue jutis blue slip ons mojari blue khussa sexually assaulted her, Klobuchar said Kavanaugh wrote in testimony that he sometimes had too many drinks, Klobuchar asked whether he ever drank so much that he couldn’t remember what happened or part of what happened the night before, Kavanaugh answered “no.”, In a back-and-forth, he added, “Have you?” and followed up a second time..

Klobuchar said: “I have no drinking problem, Judge.” Kavanaugh responded: “Nor do I.”. After returning from a break, he apologized for asking her that question. Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says the Democrats’ treatment of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is the “most despicable thing” he has seen in politics. Graham said Thursday that Democrats sat on allegations against Kavanaugh and then sprung them on the nominee at the last minute in a desperate attempt to prevent his confirmation.

The South Carolina senator blue base embellished ballet flat shoes blue jutis blue slip ons mojari blue khussa says Democrats want to “destroy” Kavanaugh’s life and hold the seat open in the hope of winning the White House in 2020, Graham says a vote against Kavanaugh would “legitimize the most despicable thing I have ever seen in politics.” He also called the Democrats’ tactics “the most unethical sham.”, Graham supported Republicans’ ultimately successful efforts to block action on President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nomination of Judge Merrick Garland..

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