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Ballet Slippers, perfect for a pre-teen's room! This archival print is part of a series/set called Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Start collecting yours!

“Holy cow,” Odenkirk said as Mando finished. “What an amazing show I’m on!”. There have long been elaborate set pieces built on the floor of the convention center, be that the annual scene from “The Walking Dead” or a “My Little Pony” selfie spot perfect for the little girl or brony in your life. But this year, Comic-Con exhibitors seem to have gone a bit off the rails. There crowd-drawing stops such as Deadpool’s Super Duper Dance Party, an animatronic musical group that’s like a cross between the worst feelings you got from Chuck E. Cheese’s band and Disneyland’s Country Bear Jamboree.

But the “South Park” booth had the most bizarrely fun and interactive game show, Two fans at a time got to sit at a dinner table with a Randy Marsh character robot, A host read “South Park” trivia questions and if a fan got one wrong the robot Randy opened its mouth and barfed memberberry juice (it’s a storyline in season 20 of the show) all over the goggle- and poncho-clad loser, Yes, it’s getting hard to keep up with all the Star Wars spinoffs since Disney bought the franchise from George Lucas, but the fans at Comic-Con are true in their devotion, and then they’re also ballet slippers, ballet slippers painting, gift idea tween, jennybriggsfineart, wall decor, gift for girls, pink and blue art pr rewarded by cool moments such as posing inside a replica of the Millennium Falcon spaceship that’s piloted by Han Solo with Chewbacca as his co-pilot..

By Kristen Page-Kirby | Washington Post. One frequent complaint about musicals is the characters who are always just bursting into song. That’s unfair. In a good musical, the songs (and, at times, the dancing) serve to propel the arc of the character or the story, conveying a heightened sense of emotion. Bursting into song doesn’t disrupt the reality. It rises organically from it. “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” is not a good musical. In this sequel/prequel to 2008’s unnecessary but charming “Mamma Mia!,” a jukebox musical featuring the songs of Abba, we join Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) a year after her mother, Donna (Meryl Streep), has died. Sophie is about to open a hotel on the Greek island of Kalokairi, partially in memory of her mother and partially so something can go wrong.

As Sophie prepares for the gala, her story is interspersed with flashbacks to the arrival of her mother (played in her younger iteration by Lily James) on the island, More important, these flashbacks introduce us to the three men who will become Sophie’s “fathers.” (The first movie was about determining which of the three men ballet slippers, ballet slippers painting, gift idea tween, jennybriggsfineart, wall decor, gift for girls, pink and blue art pr was her biological dad; they all decided to assume the mantle.), Needless to say, no one comes to a “Mamma Mia!” movie for the plot, They come for the Abba, While any similarly conceived musical might struggle with jamming songs into a story they were not written for, the music must still function in the way songs do in traditional musicals, If they can’t do that, they at least must provide some fun, Here, they do neither..

That’s not the fault of the Swedish pop group, a staple of 1970s Top 40 radio. You don’t hang around as long as Abba has without at least a few catchy tunes. But nearly every performance of their songs is utterly joyous, as though the actors can’t wait to get back to the beach and spend their paychecks. That makes the one big, energetic dance number – which is, of course, “Dancing Queen” – jarringly stand out. Its exuberant, enthusiastic energy seems to belong in an entirely different movie.

Most of the performers in the flashback subplot are game enough to at least attempt to bring in some of the qualities of the actors who portray their later selves, Jessica Keenan Wynn, as the younger version of the wine- and man-loving Tanya, channels the look and mannerisms of Christine Baranski, Hugh Skinner, on the other hand, playing Colin Firth’s young would-be ballet slippers, ballet slippers painting, gift idea tween, jennybriggsfineart, wall decor, gift for girls, pink and blue art pr doppelganger, was apparently cast only because they’re both white men, Everyone else is somewhere in between, The screenplay – written by Ol Parker, who also directs – fails everyone, James tries her best to bring Streep’s original spirit into her performance, but the only reason we know that her version of Donna is quirky is that she wears a floppy hat, has mysterious access to unlimited financial resources and has a personality that verges on obnoxious, Every complication is cliche, every resolution predictable..

CLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing these photos on a mobile device. Got plans for this scorcher of a weekend? You do now! Here are seven fab ideas for ways to play around the San Francisco Bay Area, from an Oakland A’s exhibit at OMCA — what’s this we hear about a trans-bay series this weekend? — to hot new movie openings, hidden beaches and a charcoal food fest. (Yes, really!). It’s a big weekend for lovers of all things Oakland. First, the Oakland A’s and S.F. Giants square off all weekend at Oakland Coliseum for Round 2 of the Bay Bridge Series. Fans might want to stop off at the Oakland Museum of California to take in the new exhibit celebrating the A’s and three of the team’s most iconic players. And top the day/night off with a stop at Oakland’s hot new sports bar, The Athletic Club. Meanwhile, you can catch the new Daveed Diggs/Rafael Casal film “Blindspotting,” which serves up a heartfelt and authentic view of the city and which our critic says is one of the best movies of 2018 so far. Along with the new Boots Riley film “Sorry to Bother You,” it’s helping make Oakland a center of the movie universe right now. (Both movies are playing at Oakland’s Grand Lake Theater this weekend, by the way.) And while we’re on the subject, here are 6 more great Oakland movies.

Everyone’s been to Stinson Beach, You certainly know about Ocean Beach, But what about San Gregorio, Heart’s Desire and Crown? The Bay Area has more than a dozen beautiful, uncrowded, beaches that most people have never even heard of, This weekend, escape the heat at one (or more!) of these 14 Bay Area gems, With his dashing looks, his movie star wife (one Nicole ballet slippers, ballet slippers painting, gift idea tween, jennybriggsfineart, wall decor, gift for girls, pink and blue art pr Kidman) and his carefully crafted studio sound, you could totally miss the fact that Keith Urban is a freaking beast on the guitar, But on stage, it’s a different story, Head to the Shoreline Amphitheatre this weekend and find out for yourself (don’t worry, he’ll play his hits and the cuts from his new album, just with more sizzlin’ guitar solos)..

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