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Clock Specifications:▪ Small: Largest side approx. 9.8" (25cm)▪ Large: Largest side approx. 11.8" (30cm)▪ Made of 3mm thick black acrylic face with high quality printed vinyl▪ All Clock mechanisms are EZ Quartz® Sweep - Non Ticking (Silent) and RoHS Approved▪ Requires 1 AA battery (not included)Shipping Details:▪ I ship my products everywhere▪ Each order requires 1-3 business days for production▪ If you are buying this as a gift, I can include a gift card with your text on it for free :)▪ Tracking Numbers are provided for all shipped itemsEstimated Shipping Delivery Time:- Europe: ~10 days- USA: ~15 days- Everywhere else: ~15 days ***Please note that the above are just estimates. Parcels may take longer to arrive for various reasons like mail traffic during holidays, customs/tax delays or even bad weather. Please make sure to check the tracking information provided regularly to keep yourself informed about your parcel's location.***If your product arrives damaged or you are unhappy with it, please inform me and I will gladly work with you to fix, replace or refund the item.Thank you for taking the time to read this! :)

“I invited a dancer, Christina Lind, to come with me,” Lomask said. “I closed my eyes and started working on a piece, a free improvisation, and another piece with a lot of repetition involved. After this process we went into another room, and I taught Christina what I thought of, which became a contemporary ballet solo that happens halfway through ‘Synaptic Motion.’ The fMRI machine was loud, so it’s an intense solo.”. The piece really came together in the aftermath of her lab sessions.

Working with collaborators Mary Franck, Wesley Grubb and Johan Bichel Lindegaard, visual artists who have created video projections for screens shaped like neurons, they transformed the data into an immersive visualization of the creative process, with a sound score by Danish composer Toni Martin Dobrzanski and a set designed by Erik Walker, Featuring a cast that includes two contortionists, an acrobat, a rapper and five dancers, “Synaptic Motion” makes Lomask’s brain sound like a pretty entertaining ballet dancers - ballerina - pointe shoes - pirouette arabesque - dance therapy discipline - modern novelty gift - custom acryli place to hang out..

Interested in fostering further discussion about the work, Lomask has arranged free discussions before each performance with some of the scientists and interdisciplinary collaborators involved with “Synaptic Motion,” starting on Sept. 18 with filmmaker RJ Muna and robotics designer Vytas SunSpiral. At the center of Lomask’s quest is inspiring her audiences to think about thinking. In the program for “Synaptic Motion” she’s included a series of statements about brain function, such as “Actions and perceptions involve billions of neurons interacting with one another. Your habitual action patterns are strengthened the more you use them. This is why breaking habits is hard — the synapses that form those connections have grown to be tightly bound.”.

The show started out on a high, Despite not winning an Emmy, host Cat Deeley must have dug deep into her Closet of Great Outfits and came out with a dress that looked like rhinestone-studded chain mail, With a bronze spray tan and her long, straight blond locks, she might have walked in from the California beach scene, The judges tonight were executive producer Nigel Lythgoe and ballroom ballet dancers - ballerina - pointe shoes - pirouette arabesque - dance therapy discipline - modern novelty gift - custom acryli dancer Mary Murphy, plus actress/dancer and favorite on the judging panel, Christina Applegate, And the British band, Rixton, performed during the show..

Each of the Top 6 danced a solo in their personal style, a routine with another of the Top 6 and a routine with an All Star. Generally, the judges coasted along on a wave of “amazing” as most of the dances showed that the dancers were doing everything they could to make it to the Final Four and beyond. There were, however, a few routines that just didn’t connect with the judges and I found a few to be a bit ho-hum. Before I get to my favorites of the night, I want to give a big cheer to this season’s new “dance lesson breaks” where some of the choreographers explain the name and steps to particular dance moves, instead of going to another commercial. I won’t be trying any of them without a special waiver on my health insurance, but now I know the names and how they look in slo-mo. A high five to the producers.

First off, Ricky Ubeda really knocked it out of the park with his solo, It was athletic, exciting and incredible how he got so much in so little time, Both tappers, Valerie Rockey and Zack Everhart, were terrific and were able to mix what they’ve learned on the show into their individual tap routines, Although it was beautiful, Jacque LeWarne’s ballet routine was a bit of a yawn for me, And both Casey Askew and Jessica Richens have done more exciting moves in past weeks, My favorite routines are a real toss-up because I really can’t pick just one, Valerie and Ricky renewed their partnership ballet dancers - ballerina - pointe shoes - pirouette arabesque - dance therapy discipline - modern novelty gift - custom acryli in a Broadway routine that was terrific and even involved leaping from and over a swing, Nigel loved it, Christina thought both dancers had a “thing” where either could win it all this season, and Mary said it was sweet and they did a beautiful job..

Then Valerie teamed with All Star tWitch Boss to do a hip-hop wedding dance, choreographed by “Wildabeast” Adams. It was fast, funky and fun, and Valerie did an outstanding job of keeping up with the personality that is tWitch. Nigel called Val “a great performer,” Christina could only say, “That was something else!” And Mary nailed it when she called it a “wedding dance to remember.” She even called Valerie, “swagarocious.”. I wasn’t expecting much with the contemporary number by Jacque with All Star Will Wingfield, so I was really surprised how much I liked the routine done with a large, red ball. It absolutely flowed from move to move, and Christina thought it was beautiful and joyous. Nigel said Jacque danced brilliantly.

Another favorite was the cha-cha by Ricky and All Star Anya Garnis, choreographed by the ballroom imp, Jean-Marc Genereux, Ricky dances contemporary, but he had the Latin moves down cold, although the number was hot, hot, hot, Nigel said it looked like Ricky had been doing that dance for years, and Mary told Ricky that he really brought it, It was amazing, My final fav was a much-anticipated hip-hop routine by Zack and All Star Fik-Shun, Season 10 winner and a personal favorite, It was the first time that Phillip Chbeeb choreographed on the show, and this routine about two sides of a Rorschach mirroring each other should insure that he will be back, The moves were amazing, intriguing, bewildering and fantastic, Nigel almost put his foot in his mouth, saying that he would be shocked if Zack, a tapper, made it to the finals, Then, as Christina began talking, Nigel burst out, “No, I don’t mean shocked in a bad way, I ballet dancers - ballerina - pointe shoes - pirouette arabesque - dance therapy discipline - modern novelty gift - custom acryli mean thrilled.” Mary simply screamed, “FABULOUS!” And Christina called Zack “a beautiful dancer and a beautiful soul.”..

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