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Adorable ballet clock for our adorable ballerinas in our lives. They love this little clock!Size: 5” wide x 11” length x 1"depth (face is 5”x 7”+ pendulum length, approximately 4”)INCLUDED: Comes in a cardboard box with battery, instructions and limited warranty.These clever little clocks with matching, swinging pendulums are made in our art studio located in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. The clock's images are prints of our original artwork, which is permanently mounted to a ridged 3mm, lightweight, non-wood board, which is almost indestructible. They look like a glazed ceramic tile, but without the heavy weight. The surface is glossy and does not fade. Top quality quartz, pendulum movements (time only) are installed, and tested for accuracy before shipping. These are really good movements, average life is ten years, gaining/loosing 7 seconds a year, if any. These have a large hanger on the back and are easy to hang...just need a nail and a wall. Runs on one "AA" battery, of which we include. Average battery life is about one battery a year, though we've had numerous customers who claim they've not changed the battery for over a year! Wow!Each clock is durable and suitable for hanging in any room. They're great in kitchens, steamy bathrooms, offices, and kid’s rooms to teach them how to tell time! Children and adults, of all ages, love these, really fun clocks. Different monitors show different shades of the true colors. We reserve the right to substitute hands, as sometimes (rare) styles become exhausted from our clock part supplier.

Rather than a series of duets, “Echo” is a work about amplified solos. It’s a hybrid piece that explores hidden connections and doppelgangers, “an experiment with putting other people in as an echo effect,” Mann says. “It makes the two soloists carved out even more.”. If there’s a wild card in the mix, it’s composer, vocalist and performer Pamela Z, who performs the score live on stage with her well-honed, real-time digital sound-looping devices. With her extended vocal techniques, she is a study in movement herself, using arresting hand and arm gestures to trigger sound. Mann hadn’t actually seen Z perform solo until workshopping “Echo” in Berlin. “She is wild,” Mann says. “She did a section of her own, and everybody’s mouth dropped open. She’s beautiful in this piece, and I’m wanting her to stretch more. The music is gorgeous, from the guttural to the sexy to raising the rafters, and she’s playing live.”.

In much the same way that Z brings a vivid spatial dimension to sound, Mann sees “Echo” as a work about spaces pregnant with possibility, about the suspended beat between a jump and a landing, “Rather than seeing somebody moving through space, I want to see the space move through the body,” she says, “What is the call and response of listening through space to another person’s movement without just responding to what they’re doing, ballet clock with a swinging ballerina pendulum • ballet slippers It’s also a collaboration between audience and performer and happens together through this listening, It’s about the space between the bounce of the ball and when it falls again, the space between thoughts.”..

It’s the kind of space that seems  ever more hard to find in an environment where there’s nary a pause between information streams. Contact Andrew Gilbert at Created by Sara Mann. When: 8 p.m.  Oct. 11-13. Where: ODC Theater, 3153 17th St.,San Francisco. Tickets: $30; 415-863-9834, Also: Mann  teaches a free workshop incorporating chi practices, writing and material from “Echo” 2 to 3:30 p.m. Oct. 13 in ODC Theater. This workshop is part of the ODC Theater Institute series of shared practice sessions with season artists. To RSVP, email

A single-malt Scotch whisky matures in a cask for 20 years to emerge a liquid amber savored by connoisseurs, It can also work that way in ballet clock with a swinging ballerina pendulum • ballet slippers the arts.  After two decades of research and community engagement, choreographer/director Joanna Haigood unveils Picture Bayview Hunters Point, a site-specific performance incorporating live dance, an original soundscape and gigantic video projections at the Bayview Opera House October this week and next, “This piece is the culmination of a three-city project that started in the late ’90s,” says Haigood, “Red Hook in Brooklyn, Powderhorn in Minneapolis, and the third here in Hunters Point,” where in 1989, Haigood moved her company Zaccho Dance Theatre, “They all are low-income primarily African-American communities that were poised for this big demographic shift.  People in all three places don’t want to just survive, they want to thrive.”..

She adds, “We’re performing inside, outside, and moving around the Bayview Opera House, which is part of the fabric and the pulse of the community; its many stories reflect the history and character of Hunters Point and the struggles as well. “Over the past year we’ve had events where we’ve gathered video and sound for the performance. We had a big story circle in one of our local restaurants with people of all ages sharing their experiences, family histories, migration stories.”.

Picture San Francisco in the late 1800s, when the city’s Barbary Coast was home to gamblers, gold diggers, degenerates and “soiled doves,” a then-popular term for ladies of the ballet clock with a swinging ballerina pendulum • ballet slippers night, The appropriately named circus, “The Soiled Dove,” will help you revisit those tawdry times in their over-the-top, under-the-big-top show running Fridays and Saturdays through Nov, 17 in downtown Oakland, It’s a dinner-theater event — with a four-course meal by Work of Art and music by the Bay Area 10-piece band Jazz Mafia — presented by the Vau de Vire Society, the folks who annually put on the Edwardian Ball..

Whether you’re heading directly to Auburn or stopping en route to Tahoe, this Gold Rush-era town is worth a visit this fall — especially if you time your stop to coincide with, say, Pumpkin Nights or the Mandarin fest. Here are seven fun fall events to add to your calendar. Wine, Ale and Food Festival: 11:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Oct. 13, Downtown and Old Town, Auburn. Browse 20 local shops, taste local wines and ales, and sample foods from local restaurants. $25-$45. Brunch in the Street, 10 a.m.-noon Oct. 14, Park Victorian Hotel, 195 Park St., Auburn. Local chefs join forces to pair regionally grown food, wine and beer in this distinctive multiple-course brunch. $55.

Pumpkin Nights: Oct, 17-Nov, 4, Gold Country Fairgrounds, 1273 High St., Auburn, Explore the magic of dragons, pirate ships and more in eight different themed lands, crafted from more ballet clock with a swinging ballerina pendulum • ballet slippers than 3,000 hand-carved pumpkins and funkins, Free-$20,, Community Harvest Festival: 10 a.m.-4 p.m, Oct, 20, Recreation Park, 123 Recreation Drive, Auburn, Enjoy live music, giant pumpkin and scarecrow contests, arts and crafts, a costume contest, parade, carnival games and more,

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