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Wirelessly Charge your iPhone 7 / 6S / 6 with this VoltBeam Wireless Charging Case by 4smarts in black. This sturdy yet slim case provides excellent protection from bumps, knocks and drops, while allowing you to charge wirelessly using Qi Technology.Protect your iPhone from bumps, drops and knocksThis 4smarts Wireless Charging Case has been designed to protect your iPhone 7 / 6S / 6 from bumps, drops and knocks - so you can enjoy your iPhone without worrying about daily wear and tear.Wirelessly Charge using Qi TechnologyNo need to plug in your iPhone to a tangle-prone USB cable, instead charge your phone wirelessly with the VoltBeam Wireless Charging Case supporting the Qi wireless charging standard. The VoltBeam Wireless Charging Case allows your iPhone 7 / 6S / 6 to charge wirelessly via electromagnetic field and inductive coupling, sending an energy charge from the charging pad to your phone. This makes for a beautiful space saving way to charge your phone wirelessly at your desk, office or at home. Works perfectly with Qi wireless charging solutionsThe VoltBeam Wireless Charging Case alone won't charge your phone, but once paired with a Qi Wireless Charging Pad - you can expect quick and intuitive charging by simply placing your phone on to a compatible wireless charging pad.Sleek, elegant build complements your iPhoneYou don't need to worry about sacrificing form to add function to your treasured iPhone, as the VoltBeam Wireless Charging Case from 4smarts perfectly complements the lines and contours of your device. Your iPhone will look just as great in the case as out, but with the added bonus of wireless charging.Lightning cable charging withoutremoving the caseThe VoltBeam Wireless Charging Case by 4smarts allows both Qi Wireless Charging and conventional charging through its built-in Lightning port, allowing you to charge using a Lightning cable while keeping the case on, giving your phone excellent protection at all times.Lightning port protectionThis case has its own Lightning adapter which acts as an interface between the charging cable and your phone's own Lightning port. This means your phone's own Lightning port is spared wear and tear through repeated use.Designed specifically for the iPhone 7 / 6S / 6Enjoy a case that is designed to fit your iPhone perfectly, while featuring a slim yet protective bumper that looks great no matter what your surroundings.

All that was missing was the sleekness. Even so, Shin saw through the silliness, liked the potential for the device, and approved the project proposed by Miloseski and the newly opened Samsung Design America. "I pulled up my sleeve, and he was amazed," recalled Miloseski, the head of the San Francisco-based design house that's charged with dreaming up innovative devices. "As the first product, it's really risky."A year after that demo, the Gear Fit came to market. The compact wearable incorporates a slimmer design than its bulkier cousins such as the Galaxy Gear or Gear 2. Most important, it actually looks cool, a factor missing from other early smartwatch efforts. "It's the sort of eye-opening design touch that wearables need," according to CNET reviews editor Scott Stein.

Samsung needs the Fit to be a winner -- and not just because competition in the nascent wearables market is expected to pick up this 4smarts voltbeam wireless charging case for iphone 7 / 6s / 6 - black year when Apple finally unveils its long rumored iWatch, Other efforts, including LG's new G Watch and Samsung's Gear Live, likely won't convince consumers that the gadgets are a must-have, The smartwatches, both introduced last week at Google's developer conference as the first to run the Internet giant's Android Wear operating system, were panned by critics for being bulky and, in a word, ugly..

The Gear Fit is different, in large part because it wasn't designed out of Samsung's headquarters in Korea, but rather at two SDA offices in downtown San Francisco -- one of which was designed and constructed by noted architectural firm Gensler in 2012. The Gear Fit has faced criticisms of its own, including its limited functionality, lack of apps, and the fact that it only works when tethered to a Samsung smartphone or tablet. But in many ways, it demonstrates a willingness by Samsung to try whatever it takes to attract buyers -- including launching a new device designed by a group outside of Korea.

"Fit [is] closer to the fitness bands that have been fairly successful in the market and might be seen as delivering the right value for the price compared to a full-blown smartwatch," said Carolina Milanesi, chief of research at Kantar Worldpanel, Samsung's goal for SDA is straightforward: Help Samsung shed its reputation as a "fast follower" and establish itself as a trendsetter when it comes to ideas, Miloseski, who was previously head of design for special projects at Google, is one of 4smarts voltbeam wireless charging case for iphone 7 / 6s / 6 - black the key executives hired to accomplish that goal, The Gear Fit, the first product to come out of SDA, can ultimately be traced to Miloseski's start at Samsung in September 2012..

"Making that bet on a technology was a big and important thing for Samsung to do," Miloseski said. "We're talking about a device that's going to sell in the millions and tens of millions."Shortly after joining Samsung, Miloseski started building a team of experienced designers, engineers, and software developers. They include Howard Nuk, who serves as head of industrial design at SDA and previously helped develop the Beats brand (soon to be owned by Apple) while at the design studio Ammunition. Miloseski's team, which has free reign to tinker, is organized around what the company calls big bets: innovative products that combine hardware, software, and services. The group, with less than 100 people, has about 18 months to develop a product.

"We want to focus a little differently than let's say, [on] the next version of an existing product, and really think of something from the ground up," Miloseski said, SDA's first ground-up project was the Gear Fit, which was codenamed "Wingtip" after the style of men's dress shoes -- popular with one of the device's lead designers -- to remind the team to stay focused on fashion, Here's how the Gear Fit came to be: In late 2012, Samsung started researching wellness and how the company could expand into that business, The company dominated the smartphone market 4smarts voltbeam wireless charging case for iphone 7 / 6s / 6 - black and was gaining in tablets, but it knew those markets couldn't grow at a fast pace forever, It needed other areas of growth, and the health industry seemed like a promising target..

Miloseski and his team quickly decided that wellness went beyond fitness and counting steps. It also included staying connected to family, getting notifications if favorite sports teams are winning, and having quick access to financial information. Around the same time, startup Pebble launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its smartwatch. What SDA didn't want to do was create another gadget or smartphone that straps to a wrist. Instead, the designers aimed to come up with a "lifestyle product" that appealed to the masses, a high-tech device whose technology faded into the background.

SDA started a "Look Up" campaign in its offices, with employees observing people walking around San Francisco, absorbed in their mobile devices, It also did market research into wellness, fashion, and other areas to figure out what characteristics a wearable device should have, What SDA learned was that notifications needed to be "glanceable" so people don't constantly look at their smartwatches, The wearable also needed to be stylish if consumers were going to covet it, And it needed to do only a few things well rather than offer 4smarts voltbeam wireless charging case for iphone 7 / 6s / 6 - black an entire world of apps..

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