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Quantity: 20 pieesSize: 20x12 mm

Compose an email to this man, and tell him that you resent his behavior toward you when he was an adult and you were a teenager. Try to prepare yourself for any response from him across a wide spectrum (including no response). He might apologize to you, but he is just as likely to deny the entire episode, shame you or blame you for contacting him now. After you confront him, then you should talk to your father about it, if you feel the need, or if you think his knowing about this serves the greater good. Knowing this might answer some questions about your behavior — or his friend’s behavior — from that time. It would also give him the opportunity to comfort you. Understand that he might also choose to confront this person, and/or end the friendship. He might also choose to continue in the friendship — and you should prepare yourself for that.

CLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos 20pc vintage silver ballet shoe charms diy vintage jewelry making supplies c3757 on a mobile device, DEAR AMY: I have a goddaughter; I’m very involved in her life, She is 9 years old and dances, plays soccer and is active in Girl Scouts, I love her dearly and support her by going to many activities and spending time with the family, My problem comes with her mother, the school and the extracurricular activities. Every other week I get a message that she is selling something else to raise money for another event, costume or trip..

Amy, these “gifts” are not cheap. I have offered to donate the cash to her, but she says she can’t take it. Her mother complains that it defeats the purpose of the fundraiser. But I don’t need another candle, wreath or more wrapping paper. Should I just be quiet and buy the things she sells, or should I try to offer the money in some other way?. DEAR NO FUN: Your reaction to these fundraisers can teach your goddaughter about selling, buying and budgeting. You should decide which one or two of these fundraisers you want to purchase from. Don’t blame your goddaughter for asking, but do show her that you can deliver a polite but firm no: “Looks good, but I don’t need that, so I’m going to say no. Hit me up for some Thin Mints later, though, OK?”.

DEAR AMY: “Gammy” had two granddaughters who filched an item of jewelry from her house, Thank you for advocating for these girls to take responsibility and apologize, And then to close the book on it, When I was about 12, I also took something from my grandmother, I couldn’t even explain why I did it, It was a crazy impulse, I’m still embarrassed about it, But my grandmother lovingly, patiently and privately (!) accepted my 20pc vintage silver ballet shoe charms diy vintage jewelry making supplies c3757 apology, and forgave me, She never mentioned it again..

Yes, it’s true, Election Day 2018 is all about congressional mid-terms. You want to know whether Donkeys or Elephants do the happy dance. We get it. You might not be motivated to wade through all those pages in the back of the election pamphlet about down-ballot local government races and measures. We’re here to help. From an 18-year-old school board candidate to a slew of proposed taxes on everything from tech giants, hotel guests, hospitals and pot, here’s a handy summary of what every voter needs to know to sound smart about the Bay Area’s local elections. And if you’re looking for more help as you make your decisions, our election recommendations are here.

Civil rights lawyers have been pushing local governments throughout California to have voters elect their leaders by district instead of at-large to promote minority representation, a move critics say balkanizes government 20pc vintage silver ballet shoe charms diy vintage jewelry making supplies c3757 by shifting focus from citywide to neighborhood needs, In the Bay Area, the cities of Santa Clara, Morgan Hill, Menlo Park, Fremont, Concord and Martinez are taking their first dive into this democracy reboot in November, while Sunnyvale ponders putting the question to voters in 2020, Martinez, Morgan Hill and Dublin schools are doing it too..

Santa Clara isn’t going quietly. Forced into district elections by a lawsuit, the city is appealing a judge’s order requiring district elections and has put a nonbinding Measure N on the ballot asking voters if they really want the district elections a judge says they must have. It’s unclear how the long-shot appeal might affect Santa Clara’s district elections in November should the city prevail. But the election assures new faces will be chosen, as most of those cities and districts have races with no incumbents running.

Mountain View, known to the rest of the world as Googleville, wants money for the traffic and housing problems that come with being world headquarters for the internet search giant, City officials want voters to approve taxing businesses between $9 and $149 per employee, depending on company size, If approved, it would generate more than $6 million a year for the city — more than half 20pc vintage silver ballet shoe charms diy vintage jewelry making supplies c3757 of it coming from Google alone, Technology executives and neighboring cities are watching closely, Seattle walked back a similar plan amid fierce opposition from Amazon and Starbucks. Cupertino (Apple) and Sunnyvale (LinkedIn) also have considered charging similar taxes..

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